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How to chose your distance Reiki healer

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on July 19, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind love filled emails, comments and suggestions. They all are helping us in our better explanations and understanding of Reiki healing energy at our center Reiki Energy Healers here. 

Today morning, I got an email from our fellow Reiki energy, with an unique query and a relevant one too. She asked that there are many different Reiki Healers, she has been reading about on facebook and others on net. She was confused on whom to trust, as in some charge USD 500 for 21 days of healing, while some charge 1 USD and some even offer free Reiki healing. She wanted to know for whom to trust and which Reiki is better, effective and powerful, as different Reiki healers are offering different energy exchange module, while some do it without any energy exchange too.

Well, as I have tried to explain this small belief many a times that energy exchange should be done on mutual understanding only. There is never a one strict format for energy exchange, and both, the healer and receiver needs to decide on what should be the energy exchange for a Reiki healing. We also have mentioned that we charge USD 250 for every 21 days of healing, but we also accept Reiki healing requests from who are unable to pay much or anything. However, as our principle, we ask for any kind of energy exchange, they can offer. For example, we are asking our fellow receivers to write some article in for the exchange of Reiki healing. From some, we are asking to send some images or relevant data for a better Reiki energy flow from internet, or some other alternative healing. Those who are unable to pay our fees, we even offer some discounts, but those who can pay, should pay the actuals.

For choosing which Reiki healer is better, I will just ask the receivers to opt for going with the flow of their Heart. It is their heart, which should guide and judge, whom to chose and ask for Reiki healing. I know that some are fake, but many are real too. In order to chose a real Reiki healer, we should see of the Reiki healer is asking for an energy exchange or ignoring. Also if they ask for any information on what and why Reiki is required along with details of receiver, or just start sending it on your behalf. Also check if the Reiki healer is understanding or just impatient and trying to accept your healing request. Also check if they want any kind of update on regular intervals for the Reiki healing done or just accepted your request and forgot all.

There are many Reiki healers on facebook and other social networking sites, who just do Reiki Healing, without any energy exchange or information. I know that their energy exchange may be the blessings from their receiver or their self promotion. I would however request them all to ask their receivers to provide proper information, in order to direct Reiki healing properly and in a correct direction. Otherwise, it is just a wastage of Reiki healing energy name and the belief behind it.

I hope that most of you have understood my concept, belief and philosophy behind a successful Reiki healing and healer. It is up to you to chose your own guide, healer or friend. I am thankful to you all for helping, guiding me as I know it is fruitful and helpful for all of our fellow energies.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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