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How to check if anything is good or bad for us

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on August 2, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind acceptance to our articles and sharing them with all those who may need to know and learn more about Reiki. We are pleased to read your so many love filled and energetic emails, with which our responsibility seem to be just growing. We are happy to see and read your so many encouraging emails, that sometimes our eyes are filled with tears of gratitude and thanks to you all and our Reiki teachers. We are glad for being alive today, and are thankful for the inventor of internet, wordpress, facebook and computer with so many other things, which have brought all of us so close and have broken all borders.

Today evening, when I was talking to one of our fellow Reiki practitioner from Romania, she asked us to write an article, which can help in understanding that Reiki is just a science. It was because many of new or unknown people are taking it as a magic or a religion specific learning. In our earlier articles too, we have tried to explain you all that Reiki is just a positive energy, which is used to burn blockages and make a clear passage for love filled happy life for all energies. However, now she told us that she was very much excited on our water experiment, which anyone can practice and start checking Aura or blockage in any energy. She want something similar to see if we can also detect if any particular thing is good or bad to us, but it should be done by anyone, who have been through any Reiki attunement, or had none. This was really tough for me to think, since it may look easy for anyone, that what I am doing here, is writing a simple article here on what we did or about Reiki etc., but believe me, it really is a time consuming job for me. However, since Reiki is my passion, I love doing it, and I just need some ample amount of time to write, some internet connection and a little more time to think.

Now, to see anything if it is good or bad, we should try to learn to close our eyes and visualize things what we know or are around us. This may take some time in our practice, since it is really a tough job. Once we are able to clearly visualize things or any other energy like our friends, family, room, furniture, garden, vehicles, in their respective shape and color, it will become very easy. Now to know if they are good for us or bad,  we should try to go into a closed room, without light and any kind of noise for a better concentration. Now, we should try to visualize the thing we want to check, and try to shower it with white color light, as if we are showering milk over it.

We should try to see that the energy is getting the proper milk colored white light all over it, and than it is shining white after it. Once it is done, we should again try to recollect our energy, which we were testing if it was in our life and good for us. If we are still able to recognize the energy, but whiter and much more brighter, it definitely is good for us, and otherwise, we should try to forget and concentrate on something else. This small experiment can be done by anyone who has gone thru Reiki attunement process, and those who had nil experience with Reiki or any other energy. If the energy is a Reiki energy, they should be able to perform further more experiments or could be able to diagnose more. But for others, it will be easier to make them understand that Reiki Healing is a simple Science, and should be accepted by all, without a discrimination of religion or color.

I am thankful to you my dear friend from Romania, and am sure that you and all others will like this article. Friends, I am thankful to you all for reading and sharing it with others and helping me in spreading Reiki energy in this universe.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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