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How to add intentions for your Reiki Healing

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on September 28, 2013

Fellow energies, I am personally grateful to you all for your messages and mailes for my birthday wishes. I am pleased to see, thousands of mails, messages on facebook, and am really feeling blessed, so am also thankful to you all, for making my day special. I am once again, thinking of that day, when I was confused, on learning Reiki, and once I took that right decision, I had made up my mind, to carry on.

Today, one of our fellow Reiki energy from Gurgaon, India visited our Reiki Energy Healers’ centre for consultation over her relationship. She told us that she have been working on it, using Reiki healing, but look like something was missing or she was lacking. On asking, she told us that she had done her 2nd level of Reiki learning, and was using all the basic three Reiki symbols, she was taught. She was using Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki and Dai Koo Myo, plus she was also given Karuna Reiki symbol Harth. We had asked her to visit our centre to check what was blocking her, and on checking, it was found that she had blockage in her Brow, Heart and Base Chakra. On asking, she confirmed that while her Reiki healing, she too felt some uneasiness at Brow and Heart Chakra, and have already asked for distance Reiki healing from her Reiki teacher. Now, we asked her if she would like to have a Reiki cleansing and healing session, and since she had already paid for the consultation, this healing session was complimentary for her.

After the session was done, we asked her, on what intentions was she making in her Reiki healing, so that if there were any changes to be made, we could rectify them. She told us that she used that ‘May this happen.. May so so…… happen’ and this completely gave us the whole picture. 

Friends, we all must make it clear that whenever we have to give any intention to any of our Reiki healing, we have to visualize our wished future in present tense. If we want anything to happen, like for example, someone is suffering from fever, we will use ‘ the person is fit, happy and playing around’. For making any intention, we need to avoid any kind of negative word, like ‘no, not, can’t, don’t, may not, should not etc’. What we want to happen in future, we should visualize and say that it is happening now, like if we want our finances to improve, we should use ‘ our finances are very good, and we are having a debt free, luxurious life’. I know that all different Reiki practitioners would like to use their own different intentions, and I would love to accept theirs too. The purpose is simple and easy to understand here. The philosophy behind this all or even law of attraction is just to attract all good and positive towards ourself. The Reiki healing just enhance our intuitions and thought power energy for making things happen as we want them to. 

Reiki healing energy is that positive energy, which helps in burning any kind of blockage or negativity and absorb all we want towards us. I hope that the points I mentioned here are clear with all of you, as using these simple sentences, we can change lives.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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