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How to accelerate Reiki healing for physical blockages

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on July 14, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your overwhelming response and love filled emails and phone calls. We are pleased to see that so many of you are able to understand the need of Reiki in our life and are accepting Reiki for burning the blockages from your life. We are happy to see and read the emails, where you want us to clear your doubts in Reiki and are thankful to our Reiki teachers and you all for guiding us in replying them.

Yesterday evening, we got a telephone call from a fellow female Reiki practitioner from Mumbai, who was having many kind of health issues and was sort of depressed due to them. She learned Reiki a few days back only and was now confident on doing her self Reiki healing, since she have been advised that only Reiki can help. As per her email, she was having some life risk, so was given a heavy medication when she was just three year old, and since than, she us having hearing, speaking, understanding problem and some years back, she started having hair loss. After reading her email, I prescribed her a few Reiki healing procedures, but I felt like that I am unable to tell her more, and she need to ask her Reiki teacher for clearing her doubts.

But after replying the email, I felt like I was unable to feel comfortable and like I could have helped her more, so am writing this article, which I will email her and will be of help for many others. First of all, I should ask you all to check the issues with receiver’s parents in this matter, and as per our experience, they must be using too much of junk food after her mother had conceived. The other reason could also be there that her parents were in a bad terms and the communication or physical contact was all missing. Now, our first priority should be to bring them close and if in any case, either of the parent is a spirit (I mean dead) now, we should ask the other one to think of the missing and send love). This small procedure will also help in someway, I am sure since dead energies also need to be thanked and loved.

After thanking the receiver’s parents, we all must try to change the diet plan so that her Chakras start working better and effectively. As per mentioned in our earlier articles, we all must avoid any kind of cooked meals and should try to take as much of raw fruits, vegetables and dry fruits, so that we heal faster. Self touch Reiki healing also helps faster in such cases, and one should FEEL that they are healing and improving every minute. Distance Reiki healing also works, but that could be expensive in certain cases, so whatever is appropriate may be done.

Since our receiver’s email show that this blockage started when she was about to be born, so the expected time to heal may be more, but after changing the diet plan, she can see some small improvements from first month. After writing this article, I am feeling relieved and very light and am sure that she too will be able to clear her blockages after reading it. I am thankful to her and you all for your continuous love and Reiki blessings.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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