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How Reiki Energy help in curing Liver problem

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 6, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your nice and love filled comments, blessings and everything you send toward us. We are trying our best to cope up with time and busy schedule, but it looks as if we need some more of time for our business and Reiki healings this time, and we are grateful to our fellow Reiki energies, who are helping us with their articles to share with you.

Today, we are sharing a bright, love and light filled article by our fellow Reiki Master from Ahemdabad, Gujrat in India. She is one of those, who is surely going to shine and share her part of Reiki energy in this universe. She may speak a lot about us or our support, but the truth is that it is herself which has to shine, and we just tried what we can. We are thankful to her for accepting our request in for sharing her experiences with Reiki energy with us all, and we hope to see a lot more in future too.

First of all my hearty thanks to all , my Gurus, my Guide, and all the Energies. Before I share my experience with Reiki with all of you , thank you all for supporting me and helping me to write articles one after the another.  

In January 2013, I learnt  Reiki level 2. During that time, my mother was going through indigestion problem. Her problem was acute as it was a year old and all the allopathy medicines prescribed by our family physician failed to cure her. She suffered from acute diarrhea. She was then advised to take  ayurveda. Still her liver problem continues to exist. 

In second level of Reiki, we learnt that we can take anyone with us, whom we are familiar for healing.  The healing in second degree is faster because we learn the use of symbols  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (The Connection  Symbol), Sei Hei Ki (The Harmony Symbol), and Cho Ku Rei (The Power Symbol). We are also taught to heal atleast one person along with us. 

After learning the symbols I took the opportunity to heal one person from my family for twenty one days along with me.  I saw the condition of my mother. She was unable to digest even the food cooked with less spices and oil, she was even unable to digest low fat milk. 

I started my healing with a promise that I will take my mother with me in my healing practice. I would visualize my 24 body parts and chakras along with the 24 body parts and charkas of my mother with mine in my third and. Then I would visualize them being surrounded by white light. Then to develop the connection with the energy and the visualized chakras and body parts, used Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei Hei Ki, and lastly Cho Ku Rei. 

When we take someone as our partner in healing in Reiki Level 2, we may feel some kind of vibration, or heat , or feeling of cold into those regions where either ourselves or our partner have some problems. This we have to practice with complete concentration.  

After  healing my mother for some days along with me, one day I asked her how is her digestion because I would keep a notice on her. She did not face too much frequency of diarrhea  and had started to intake good amount of her regular food.  But I completed the cycle of twenty one days because for complete cure it was necessary. Though she was feeling good health wise I decided to continue giving her healing to avoid chances of relapse. 

Now she has overcome the liver problem, and is able to eat dry fruits, fruits and pulses. She shows eagerness to go out and dine and is happy.  

There is a everyday learning and new healing that we see in our daily routine. Reiki energy  helps us in many ways.  My genuine gratitude to each and every one , in my life for inspiring me to write  about the healing processes. 

Thank you Reiki Energy, thank you My Gurus, My Guide (Vineet sir) his tremendous support in bringing out experiences of healing that I just shared with him on regular basis. My genuine gratitude to him for inspiring me to pen down the experiences. Thank you all the energies. 

Jhuma Roy, (M)09427322474,

Reiki Master, Freelance Content Writer, SEO.

E-mail: jhuma25@gmail.com.

 Thanks to you Jhuma, thanks to you all here.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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