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How many days for next level of Reiki

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on September 8, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for the mails, comments and queries, here on this blog and our mail box. We are sorry and would ask for apology as at times, it is difficult for us to reply very fast. We however try to reply after a deep study or update it here as a form of an article, so that it may help other fellow energies too. 

Today, on our facebook page, one of our fellow Reiki energy, which just joined the group was sharing that he had attended and done his Reiki level 1, and will be going for the level 2, this month end. On this, another Reiki energy commented that we should give about three attunements or a gap of an year, before the next level teaching. This was given as per the reference of Mrs Takata, who is also one of a great Reiki teacher, along with Doctor Mikao Usui. After reading the article and understanding the link’s content, we could easily make out that this was correct, but that was all an old story. Today, we all have a lot more Reiki symbols, new and different attunements. We here in India have 5 Reiki levels, unlike 3 in other parts of the world, and even the course content is a lot different. We teach Kineseology, Psychic Surgery, Psychic attack removal, Reiki grid establishment, different and more Reiki symbols, than the traditional four. We should therefore understand and accept and follow today’s philosophy and theory of 21 days. The self cleansing and charging must be followed for 21 days, after the learning of basic level. Once this is done properly, the Reiki energies should be allowed to proceed to the next level, and if we keep them from their progress, it may create a blockage in them. 

As per our experience, Reiki energy should flow freely and we should allow everyone, who has the wish to learn and spread it in a positive way. we know that we and others have kept a high fees for teaching, but it is for those who can pay, must pay and those who are unable to pay, should make the energy exchange, in the way they can. We have never blocked or limited ourself to the fees, as we also understand that there are some, for whom, it is difficult to pay, we accept their possible energy exchange. We however never limit or follow this 21 day rule for all, as there are some, who are unable to keep this 21 day cleansing, so we give them some more extension of a month or even more, until we take them to further next level.

This is completely on the receiver and Reiki Master’s understanding for what and when to proceed for the next level of their student. There is never a criteria or limitation to it. As per the current situation, we know that there will some more Reiki symbols coming in to existence and we all will make it work more fast, easier to use. Hence, we would like everyone to hear and follow their Heart, instead of just following our teachers.

I apologise and am sorry if you feel that I am wrong somewhere and need to be corrected. Please send your comments and views, so that I might change my way of thinking, if needed.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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