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How I learned energy exchange and what is the importance of it

By admin | In What is Reiki | on November 8, 2010

How I learned energy exchange and what is the importance of it

Fellow energies, I have been asked by many people here that why did I stopped doing free readings and free Reiki Healings, when I was having a great success and good name, fame in it for about 2 years. I am here going to tell you a little story about myself, which may help you to know and understand why did I stopped doing all for free, and why I am teaching and writing the importance of Energy Exchange. I was not always like this, but am changed with the time and experience.

I have been sharing all of my information, my experiences and all that I find out that helped me, so as to give you all. Due to my Hypo Thyroids, I am having a negative point in me, that I have a very short term memory. I keep forgetting what I talk to anyone or told anyone in reading or healing. Therefore, since I remember very few of past, I try to share my all with others, so that no other goes through what I have been. Please dear fellow Reiki Energy Healers, Reiki Masters and other energies, try to be positive towards my article and avoid being negative to it.

Friends, I started doing Free Astrology, Numerology, Face readings, Palm readings and Reiki Healing in year 2004 on some site. I started it with a yahoo group and since it grew a lot in a short time, I started it on a website, with the help of a friend. It was grateful of you all here, that the website was getting about 2000 visitors a day in about a year. It was having about 10000 members, and almost all were interacting with me on a forum. I was told by my friend that he will be doing google adsense for me on the site, and will share about 50% of the revenue. I was doing it free, since I was getting my energy exchange in order of Google payments every month. After sometime, due to my own negative thoughts, I asked people to click on ads, since they were not paying me. Some of them however complained Google and my account was banned.

I was than getting nothing as an energy exchange for long, so even asked people to send me some donations. Believe me or not, but not more than 5 people from those 10000 members paid me. I am really grateful towards them. I was not happy doing for free, but still continued it. After sometime, made my website fully paid and stopped doing all free readings, so was relieved a bit.

But than it was too late. I had a small cough, which got untreatable. That time, I went to many Doctors, but none was able to treat that cough. Later on, I was diagnosed as Thyroids and that I have a thyroids, in which my weight has to gain a lot, so need to control diet. But, to my amazement, I had already lost 18Kgs and was on almost nothing. Whatever I take, even water or else, was thrown out. The Thyroids medicine when I keep on my tongue, I started throwing out. It was getting worse every day. Than I went to a military hospital INMAS in Delhi, which was supposed to be the best for thyroids, which was again helpless to me. I than asked my Mumbai friend, brother Sachin S Shah, if he can help me, so went to his place in Mumbai. With his and Bhabhi Toral Shah’s help, I got an appointment with Doctor N F Shah. I was feeling relieved after talking to him and after coming back from Mumbai, I realized my mistake that I had completely ignored the principle of energy exchange, and that was the root cause of my issues.

I am now on my own and am able to tell you all the importance for energy exchange. What I am learning from life, I am trying to share with you all here, so that none of you face what I faced. I was helped by my loving wife Priyanka, kids Vibhor and Abhay. If I was not having such Godly energies around me, I wont be here, sharing gifts with you all.

Thank you friends for reading this article and understanding the reason for me teaching and promoting energy exchange. Please do not feel bad, when I or any other ask for fees for reading or healing. Please do not ask for a free reading or a free healing anytime in your life. Givers and takers of Free suffer and I would never like any of you to suffer what I did.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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