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How do we create our own blockages

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on May 26, 2014

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all, for your excellent sharing of your views, ideas concerning Reiki. We are sometimes amazed on your such a focussed approach towards things, that we feel really like knowing nothing as of now. We all the fellow Reiki energies, healers and even Reiki Masters were stunned to realise some of the things, which I am about to share in this article.

We got this awesome email by one of our fellow Reiki Master in Muscat, Oman last night. While reading it, I was feeling tired, as of little sleep for last two days, but after reading two-three lines, my eyes were wide open. It took about an hour to me, before I read it about 4-5 times, understanding the context and sharing with other fellow Reiki Masters. After taking their confidence and approval to what I read was correct, I am sharing it here.

Our Muscat based Reiki practitioner is working as a sales executive in a multi national company. He is Indian by birth, and practises Reiki, when it is needed, as since he prefers meditation more than anything else. However, he has been working on Chakras for many years now. He was working on how do they work, how do they get block and how to unblock them. He have a smart boss, who have a loving family with him in Muscat only. His son, who was about 14, studying in a private school in Dubai. He visit his parents on weekends, as daily travel was going to be tiring and hectic (about 5 hours one way).

Since the son was into his adolescence, he was like having less attention on his education, school home work and was more on leisure. He was also getting careless for his duties towards his family, rather he have started spending more on junk food, dresses and some latest electric gadgets which were totally useless, new sun glasses, expensive watches etc. His father had been having a cool nature, but slowly, with time, he started getting impatient and short tempered. He started getting violent abusive to his son and other family members. Due to some losses in business too, his temper grew bad to worse. It was strange to see, that his son, who have been scared to see his father in beginning or his scoldings, with time, grew like nothing was happening. He kept standing there, listen to his scolding and leave for school or other work, as if nothing happened.

The speech and actions of his father were also getting bad, every day. One day, they all had to go for their medical, as for the Visa renewal requirements. There, my friend had some strange findings, as for the father, who was scolding, abusive had a high blood pressure, due to hyper tension, as for the son’s was normal. His other tests were also showing that his health was deteriorating everyday, while the son was perfectly okay.

This may sound to hear, but we felt after all this narration, that who ever scolds, get too much short tempered, angry etc. starts creating their own, self blockages. On the contrary, the one who are loving, smiling, or ignore any kind of taunt or bad words, they are without any blockage of such kind. Even if we love someone, our negative thoughts or actions start creating blockages in our Chakras. Slowly slowly, this chain reaction spreads all over our Chakras, thus blocking us even more.

The easy way out is to stop any kind of negative action or thought. Start loving all we can, with our authentic heart, which means that we should even love our enemies. As for what I learned, our enemies are in fact, never our enemies, they just are our well wishers, who want us to improve and do much better. Now, after understanding the immediate situation, doctors prescribed him with medicines, which he never liked. So, on way back to home, my friend discussed all he learned in this past sometime, and asked him to start loving his son, and stop getting angry or abusive. He suggested him to talk as a friend, make him realise in a different way, as his anger was giving him zero result.

From that day onwards, his boss’ attitude changed, and he started getting friendly with his son and other family members. With in a time period of four months, his son’s behaviour changed and he understood a bit of what wrong he was doing. His boss, once again went for his check up, where all of his tests were once again normal, without any medication. When we look back at our healings we are working and on ourself too, we felt that we all, being human might be getting some negative intentions towards some at a time, which created those blockages. Like in care of a relationship healing, the receiver or the partner might have such negativity towards someone, which created a blockage and now they are facing delay or difficulty in their relationships.

After understanding this all, I am going to refresh myself and burn any kind of negative feelings in myself for anyone. I will start loving everyone, even if anyone hurt or even ruin me. Thanks for giving me, such a remarkable lesson today.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you and yours

Vineet Jain


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