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how do rock salt help in giving up alcohol habit

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on August 9, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for reading and responding our articles here and are are pleased to see the overwhelming response to one of our earlier articles here. Some of you have accepted that rock salt does help in reducing the habit of alcohol, but have asked I have any scientific reason to it. Some have used it as some Saint or other spiritual guide asked them to use, but might have forgot to tell the reason behind it.

Friends, as we have been telling you in our many of the articles about rock salt that it helps burning negativity, and I am sure that many have started using it and confirmed it as well. We have also been able to understand that Reiki is a positive energy, which helps in burning off the negativity and make a clear and safe way for positive energy. Now, since we will be giving Reiki symbol’s energy affirmation is to be given to any kind of meal, juice, milk or even water to the alcohol addict, we are already giving his body this positive energy. This positive affirmation, with the help of Reiki charged food, snacks or liquid will be reaching the receiver’s blood in very little time, however due to too much of blockage, it may take time to show actual results. Rock salt too will be an add on help for us to burn the negative thoughts and any kind of negative intention in our receiver. After taking bath with rock salt water, the receiver is also protected from distant negative energies, so the receiver’s friends or else will start moving away with some or the other reason.

Rock salt, as we all know is alkaline in nature, while any kind or alcohol is acidic in nature, and this is all we are taught in our schools. I am sure that most of us know that if any alkaline property element is mixed with acidic property, it will result into water and some acid or just water and a very light acid. Sometimes, it may make a deadly acid or a gas, but due to our positive affirmations, we will try to keep everything positive and under control. Now, after giving our receiver more of rock salt, we know that there will be a sort of chemical reaction in the receiver’s chemical chamber, which is their abdomen. So, after meals having rock salt, the receiver will have a kind of digestion problem and may have gastric trouble or acidity, which makes them uneasy and restless. Now, the receiver slowly slowly become very low, dull and will try to skip meals, as after having meals with rock salt, they feel bad, but we have to remember that we have to use rock salt and force them to consume it.

Slowly, slowly, as time goes on, the receiver will understand that the health problem is due to alcoholism and will also get a hatred feeling towards alcohol consumption. I am sure that most of you are now able to understand that how combination of rock salt and Reiki energy helps in stopping and giving up of alcohol addiction. If any of you have any further suggestions or queries, do mail us at jainguide@gmail.com . We are thankful to you all here for asking and clearing your doubts and are sure that we will be here, and helping as much as we can. Thanks to you all, our Reiki teachers, our fellow Reiki practitioners and Reiki energy, for letting us do what we are today.

Reiki blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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