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How can we see the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) Field with our naked eye

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on August 20, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to your so many love filled emails and are really grateful to our Reiki teachers, who helped us in migrating into such positive direction. We are truly blessed to have so many of great energies and are thankful to God for giving us such a moment in life, which can truly be known as bliss. We however try to keep away all of our self pride, but your so nice emails, comments and suggestions, make us feel emotional and out of words at times, so our heart keep on sending thanks and blessings to you all.

Today, we are sharing this article, which is again emailed to us by our fellow Reiki practitioner Sri Ram, and we can feel that he is going on a right track with positive attitude and will get all what he want in life. Our sincere regards and blessings to his parents, siblings and everyone who know him, for helping him grow as such a great energy. He shared this article with us to help us all with a better visualizations, as for some, visualizations with closed eyes is difficult, but for some, it comes by birth.

I (Sri Ram) think when the people are unaware about the fact where the universal energy field can be seen only by sages, maha yogis,spiritual leaders or gurujis.
But the secret was even normal layman or intellectual, man or woman, child or adult, healers or non healers everyone can see this but we need a proper concentration.
To build proper concentration please follow previous topics in this website.
Now I am teaching you this exercise, please do it with proper concentration

Note:-Avoid doing this at night u can do at early morning or evening

Place:-Open play ground or roof top select the place which u feel comfortable with a fresh air flowing with some sunlight

After selecting proper  place, position and time, relax in a comfortable manner whether u sit or lay down completely. What ever u do but your eyes should maximum covered by sky means 90%-100%
Then leave the stress worries etc like you taking off your shirt or shoes.
Inhale angels entering in to your soul and Exhale stress and worries out.

Now see the sky with full concentration but you should avoid unwanted dreams but you should think as if you have gone there

Suggestion starts like:-
See the sky thoroughly as there were you and sky only
try think you are walking towards sky where you saw  the clouds first
Then moon,then planets,then sun and solar system,then stars,then milky way,then universe

Then come back from universe step by step to your place
Then do some concentration

And the wait is over
Now you will see the number of silver sparks around yourself moving with out proper direction that are between you and sky

So this is a universal life force energy field which channel us to manifest our healings or even positive thoughts.

After Experience:-
You will see easily with in couple of seconds

Gratitude:-I should thank and show gratitude towards my uncle Srinivasa Charyulu who made me to see this energy at one hospital with other suggestion like grass sea hill river etc you can suggest as you wish and also to Vineet Jain to publish this article with my name I thought as I blessed by Reiki I m writing this article

As if today was ramzaan I wish all of you HAPPY RAMZAAN and on this special day you have got really related stuff and have allah blessings.



I am sure that you all would have liked this article. Please do send the writer of this article, your blessings and love. I am grateful to Sriram, and you all for your regular support and wish you all a love filled happy life for ever.


Reiki Blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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