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How can we get intuitive powers and other powers naturally by just learning reiki

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on August 26, 2012

Fellow energies, we are so much of grateful to you all, that even mentioning here all the time look like nothing and everyday seem to be just another day praising you all. We are pleased to read and reply all of your love filled emails and are thankful to you for sending us so much of informative emails. Today, we will be sharing this article sent to us by our fellow Reiki practitioner Mr Sri Ram Bharat by sending us this email, which we are sharing here with all of you.

This article is about our intuition as the topic given above by our friend, and here, we will discuss on how we feel it and how can we further enhance our mind power. Intuition, as the name suggests is what comes in from our mind and than we see it happening into our life institution. (In tuition) as the break up of word shows here simply means that it grows with learning and a regular practice. We all need to understand that if we think of anyone or any energy, any place, anything and whatever we feel or visualize, whatever strikes our mind in that instinct, is happening. However, it may take some more of experience and guidance needed for a clear picture using our intuition. Now, most of Reiki Masters and some other healers are able to tell and visualize what is happening with others. We may call it Aura reading or our intuition, but in simple words and to make others understand clearly about our words, we call it our sixth sense or Psychic Power. I myself, and many others in this small world also do Psychic readings, which is based on this small exercise only. Now, I must share his article, as once I start writing, it becomes difficult for me to stop, since any topic like this makes me eager to learn and than share with you all.

Our friend Sri Ram Bharat is learning Reiki these days, and we are sure that his overall personality and life will transform him to a better human with time. In the process of learning, he has been able to learn and witness many new things and events, which are going to help in his future journey of light.

This was happened when I was learning my Reiki classes.
In the first two days of my class I learn first degree that is hands on healing and at the end of the day two I learned how to draw symbols. Then I got a paper of how to use symbols and also how to apply in our life.

After reading that I thought uniquely
by applying Cho Ku Rei on plants and kept intention that they should get enough water daily
And also while I am in my journey
I applied Cho Ku Rei on buses,lorries,bikes etc to have their safe journey
And then applied on shops to have good financial status etc

1.The above application has done by me when I was on the bus journey to my Reiki class day 3
When I reached bus stand I asked one auto driver to travel till my Reiki center but he quoted high price then I left him and applied Cho Ku Rei on next auto to my surprise he told half of the rate which is reasonable from the previous auto I was really happy by the way I got from Reiki and said thanks.

2.So after this experience I shared with few people and In one of my conversation I told that I lost my addiction on maximum foods but only on one particular food to my surprise next day in Reiki class day 4 one of my fellow senior member as a volunteer he brought that particular food that was a surprise.

3.On the day 5 one old lady asked me about how to recite Gayatri mantra I know it but I suggested her to learn it from perfect guru or from temple priest.
Again to my surprise with in 15 to 20 minutes our Reiki master told the greatness of the mantra and made every one to chant it.
That was the end of my class with these memorable moments.

I shared these things to you because one day any one will get this ability by just attuning to Reiki and also its just equivalent to any of the intuitive methods and develop the intuitive ability.



We are thankful to you Mr Sriram and you all for helping in our Reiki journey, filled with love and light. Thanks to you all for reading and sharing our articles.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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