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healing and cleansing deep rooted blockages

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on October 14, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all and all what you are writing to us with your positive and love filled emails to us. We are pleased to read, share and reply the queries you send to us and are sure to see your similar response in future times. We however would request you to be calm and stay positive with us, since during 17th of October 2012 to 12th of November 2012, it will be difficult for us to reply or post any article here. It is just due to the reason that I will be on my tour to UAE and Spain in Europe.

Today, we are sharing this article, as sent by Ms Diana from Romania and she is one of my friend and a great fellow Reiki practitioner. She has been a positive energy and have been correcting us and our articles from time to time. Despite the language and distance difference, we are friends like we know each other since long. It sure could be some past life binding, which made us meet and interact and share.

Here is her article and we are glad for you all liking and appreciating her valuable writings and sharing.


I write to you to tell you about someone with an interesting health issue, well interesting for me. A woman we call her Anna was a nice woman but she neglected quiet all the time the spiritual part of her life. She forgot some of God laws and she was not so positive and sometimes not as good as she should be. May be she made God angry or was doing something wrong, which was giving less then she need. First her life began to change downward and was facing physical and financial losses. She was unable to understand the reason She thought she is fine, but something keep haunting her mind which make her feel that something was wrong.

She become unlucky socially, as her boyfriend left her after 7 years of relationship. Her silver jewellery became black immediately after beginning to wear them. One day she found out she was very sick. Doctors told her she had hernia. She went quickly for the surgery. We know that we should think twice before taking surgery and only should go for it, if it is life threatening. She could be okay using proper medicines and diet but she wanted surgery to get normal fast. There the things went from bad to worse. At the end she came home with the feeling she made a big mistake. Sometimes we should not take so radically measures because something can pop up somewhere else. Somewhere else could go bad. That was her case too.

Se got a deep deep depression and she had to go to the psychiatric hospital. She had several going and coming back home from the hospital but things went the same. After some time her mother had an accident and she had to take care of her mother. She was sick taking strong medicines and had to take care of her mother too. Now she is better and also her mother. Lets see how. What we understand from all this is that her case is an complex case. Mistakes made by her and her family and some black waves from outside. What I understood is she needed an complex mind body and soul treatment although most of her problems I think are spiritual and soul problems. We know that when spiritual and mind are healed body will heal too.

In the early stage of her illness I begun by talking to her normally as with a health person and little by little I began to talk her about her health issues too. I said her first to try to go more to the church. Then to attend the prayer sessions that were held in there. Then use aroma candles in house too and light candles for her at the church and pray and she will be fine. When talking to her I tried to protect myself but I was not always protected and came home and had to cleanse. In the early stage of her illness she was so heavy surrounded by black waves. Then I told her to burn incenses as in our churches. As time past and she was better and her mind began to heal I told her to use rock salt. I told her to put rock salt in some recipients and keep it in different places in her house. I told her also to use rock salt to her shower and keep her in some purse or recipient in her bag when she goes outside. I told her all the time to pray and to pray to God but also to other important in our religion. Well she is not like me with all religions and she don’t feel like I feel that I can pray to all and all hear me.She is mostly with the Christian religion.After some time I told her how to do tapping and affirmations.She told me that in the morning it is very difficult for her. I know this happen to her because of her allopathic (medical)  treatment but she still need it so she has to find other ways to get fit. I thought tapping could be good but not only tapping. Breathing I suggest her to do too.I mean that when we breath in the belly and when we breath out we send all the bad out far in the universe. Directly Reiki I couldn’t tell her to do but I did some things on her.Before Reiki I told her to do some chi-qong exercises. I refer to them for detoxify body and get more energy. I showed her how to do. Also I suggest her to look very attentive to what she is eating. I mean she should shift more to some energetic meals and healthy meals without frying in oil too much for example. Her upper belly should be in good shape and she should not feel heavy. As you told me someone like her and me should feel light to be cured. That is what I told her to do herself. Me I confess I didn’t told her explicit that I will work on her. I said in my mind a quick prayer to our superiors and made a dry cleaning of my hands because we know that is the first step someone giving Reiki should do.I did dry cleaning although water cleaning hands it is better and I tried to cleanse her, balance her and energize her while talking to her using mostly the white and golden light shower and the psiball. I began first to shower her with these lights and writing the symbols around her in the sky and air around her but only with my mind. The symbols are Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Raku Dai Ko0 Myo common and Tibetan once, Zanon, Apta, Vasudha that long distant healing symbol. After that I imagined as some of the golden light I sent to her is forming as a ball where all the symbols where there but the bigger one and more times was Sei Hei Ki because I believe that she need a lot of balance and after doing the ball I blasted it over her head and I saw it entering through the Crown Chakra in her body where it expanded and exploded pushing away all the black she had in. I saw the blasted ball filling her completely. At the end of this I thanked to all I had to say thanks and pay gratitude and I disconnected discretely.

I don’t know if I did well or not but I thought it is what she needs.I gave her all I could.The fact is she is every day better. She reduced also her cigarettes she was smoking everyday and also her energizing drinks and coffees she drunk everyday. For me this is a sign she is better although she is not totally healed.I also told her that when she will be totally healed she had to respect some life style if she wants to stay healthy and fit all the time. May be you could tell me your opinion about what I did wrong what I did good and what should be improved.I write you this letter because you are my teacher and you should give opinion.

Dear Ms Diana, we are grateful to you for sharing such a great article and are sure that your friend has been recovering very fast now. We are thankful to you, our Reiki teachers, Mikao Usui, Reiki energy and all of the fellow energies.

Reiki blessings, Love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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