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Happy second Birthday to Reiki Energy Healers

By admin | In Gratitude | on August 17, 2011

Happy second Birthday to Reiki Energy Healers

Fellow energies, we are happy to have your kind love and blessings with us since it is why we are able to continue our journey. Since the day we started our Reiki journey, we have been having a good rise in our Reiki Energy Healers friends and followers. It is really good to see that Reiki energy is flowing and spreading the way, we always wanted.

Since past sometime, we wanted to share something with you all, but it looks like that the time is here to tell you a bit for our future plans. We started this group, known as Reiki Energy Healers in Delhi, India on today, 17th of August, 2009 when we started teaching and our first Reiki student  was Navneet Mathur, who is now our student Reiki Grand Master. This small but a major step, changed our whole life and philosophy towards life and its meaning. After every new workshop, our confidence and experience kept on growing and we were able to teach better, which helped us learn more about Reiki Healing and Reiki Energy.

After sometime of teaching in Delhi, I went on my business trip to Dubai, which somehow changed my life a lot. Actually, I had some crystals with me and had soft copies of notes for Reiki level 1 and 2, plus copper Dowsing rods with me. After about 5 days of my stay in Dubai, I came to know that someone pick pocket my all the money I had bought in Dubai for business marketing. It was sort of a disaster, and whole night, I kept on thinking and doing meditation to help me know on what I should be doing next and what should I do further. After about it was 4 am in the morning, I said to myself to keep confident, and asked to contact my friends for Reiki workshop and Astrology consultancy by me. In morning about 8AM, we were able to finalize one friend’s residence as the workshop location and called other contacts for learning. Mr. Yashodhan Borkar arranged pads, pen, pencils, photocopies of notes and even snacks and lunch for all of us.

I can still remember that day, when we were able to do all that in too little time. After the workshop, I also went to some other friend’s residence for astrology consultancy, which helped me earning some more money. After all of this, I was able to recover most of my loss and was infact happy and looking calm. I have heard that if we are positive, and have full faith on Reiki, it will help and work, and after using for myself, I realized it too.

After this BIG incident of my life, I changed my look out for life and even my attitude changed. After that, I asked my friend Jitender Kumar (who is also my fellow Reiki Grand Master) and Navneet Mathur (our best of friend, designer and student Reiki Grand Master) to create a small web presence, where we could share all. It is really with their help, support and guidance, that we are now able to share and interact with other energies out here. Really, on this second birthday of our Reiki Energy Healers, my eyes are filled with tears to see it grow and able to help other energies and spread its share of love and light.

It is really our honor to have you all and we are highly grateful to you all for helping and supporting us in our every step we take. We are sure to keep you informed with every step we take in this field of Reiki.

Thanks to you all for your blessings, love and light.

Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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