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Happy Friendship day and friendship greetings to you all

By admin | In Gratitude | on August 5, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your continuous support in love filled emails , comments and messages on our facebook account. We sometimes are surprised to read and learn so much of new and exciting in Reiki, which we have never even read or heard about.

Friends, we are our computer and mobile is with one of our friend, and are unable to be in contact with you for past day, and will try to update with this article today, using my loving wife Priyanka Jain’s laptop. I am thankful to her for letting me use her laptop on Friendship day, and I am happy to have her and you here with me on this special day for friends. Before writing this article, I must wish you all a Happy Friendship Day and would like you to meet, greet and try to contact your friends. If your friends are far from you, you can message, email or even contact them using your phone on this special occasion.

Today, I feel too light  for writing this article only for friendship, as I felt that our friends are our assets and also play a role of our teachers, guardians in the time of need. We must always be thankful to our all the friends, since it is them, who make us feel what is friendship and make us feel somewhat special. I still remember in earlier school days, when I was in class II, and had a friend Rajeev Tyagi in school N. C. Jindal Public School, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. I have been admiring him, since he was very much intelligent than me, and was having a good IQ, which helped me learn a lot about life. Since the school was about 2 hour bus ride from my home, I had to leave very much early in the morning, and than reach back late. So, I was spending most of time in school and my school bus, and my family was my school friends, out of which Rajeev was spending most of it with me. I learned a lot from him, about life, friendship, moral values, technology and latest of happenings in the world. He meant whole world to me, until I was forced by my grand mother to leave the school, and change for some, which was close to home. She was my grand mother, who adopted my father, and was more than just a grand mother to me, since she was very much loving and concerned for me. She was also like a very good friend to me, and with her, I felt too much open and comfortable, like we do with friends. 

After changing the school, I joined another school, which was close from my home, but since the teaching methods and everything was too different for me, I seem to forgot all that I had learnt. I slowly become more and more ignorant and careless about studies and was now more into a time wasting teenager soon, who just want to play and nothing more. Here, again I met Puneet Jain, with whom I learned a new thing, known as competition in life, and we both started having sort of friendly rivalry in our studies. Either of us was getting highest marks in our school exams, and the gap was only for one mark, so it definitely helped me in learning a good and positive competition. Than again, since I was becoming slight spoiled as was playing games and my language was becoming slight verbal abusive, I was again forced to change another school, National School. Like always, here I found one more new friend Rohit Jain, who helped me to cope up with my too much of homework and with girls at school. However, like him, I was too much shy and unable to speak up with girls, and due to my bad habit of incomplete assignments, I was a regular back bencher now.

Than, since the school was till class VIII th standard, we all were made to shift to another branch of same school, where I made another friend Madhur Sharma. We were now a group of three, who kept this friendship, till Madhur moved to US, Rohit to Indonesia and I was  here. I than went to Jain School in my XI standard, where again I made some more of new friends, Amit Jain, Ritesh Gupta, Rajeev Agnihotri, Rajeev Sharma, Jawahar Bharti, Ashwani and a few more. These new friends again helped me a bit about politics, corruption in our society, where we had to attend tuition from school teachers, or were given low grades. I also learned some fast ways in for Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, and since I was a bit scared of the Formulas, they taught me a lot. Whenever, I am reading any of Physics Formulas, I always think them in my mind, since without their help and support, it would have been difficult for me to be here. Than, I met another friend, who helped me in my Mathematics, and I sort of gained a lot of self confidence and became a bit rapid in calculations.

Than, was the day for which all the students are looking for, and it is the first day of our college. I went to Dyal Singh College, Lodi Road, New Delhi. The first day was as expected, very much full of excitement, nervousness and filled with mixed emotions. I was lucky to get a very small experience of being ragged, but before any more, I was friends with our college union president Jitender Kumar Trivedi and his group. So, now I was fearless and can roam in whole college, without the fear of getting ragged or asked any kind of questions. Wow, that day was going to change my life, and had never realized my self energy than ever before. I here in my college, made friends with Jitender Kumar, Navneet Mathur, Unni Krishnan, Manoj Sharma, Vikas Jatana, Arunabh Das, Parag Gautam, Mohit, Rohit, Jagjit Singh Lamba (whom I call Jaggu with love), Anirudh Juneja, Vibha Sharma, Anu Sharma, Durgesh and a few more. Friends, I am sorry, if you are unable to see your name here, but yes, I do still think of you all as my friends. This college time, made me realize the hidden content in me, where I started doing face readings, palm readings, numerology, body reading, hand writing analysis. I will write about how it all began and changed my life in future articles, but I think that this much is enough for today. However, when it comes for thanking friends, it always look like that this is very little, as this life is short to give your thanks to your friends. And, now once again, I thank you all for reading our articles here and sharing the positive energy in and around yourself.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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