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Happy Birthday to the great teacher Mikao USUI

By admin | In Gratitude | on August 15, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your all the time and love you have given us, and the credit for it goes to the person, who revealed the secrets to us. The name of this great personality, who made this noble innovation and shared with us was Mikao USUI, who was born on 15th of August, 1865, in a village of Taniai, Japan, which is close to the currently known city of Nagoya.

He was a great teacher, who in order to find answers to his students, discovered such a unique concept, which is now a days have been helpful in many different ways. His followers and students have been practicing Reiki since than, however, with the change of time, the teaching methods changed and many more new concepts were added. We know that every teacher has just one thing in mind, and that is to clear all the doubts of their students, so that they excel in their future. Let me try to illustrate you with a small example here, and I hope you are able to understand.

There are about 20 students in a class, and these students are would be teachers, learning how to teach. After their this class, when they start their teaching profession, went to different schools with different subjects being allotted to them. We notice one thing, if we go to check their classes that everyone of these teachers have a different method of teaching, and are trying to make the formulation easier. We here can also see that the teachers, who are using easier methods, or formulas, so that the students are able to understand the complex problems, are having students with better grades in class, than those who stick to the ones taught to them. Also, we can see that students also like the teacher, who is using a flexible module in teaching with vivid ideas and fancy mode of teaching.

The time is changing, and with every decade, there is a big change in attitude of students as well as teachers, as we also know that even the syllabus and content of school books changes almost every 2-3 years. We all want to be upgraded to the latest and best, so change and upgrade to something better has been our need, so if we are using better affirmations or new Reiki symbols, we should also accept. Today, the mobile phones, laptops, computers, TV or everything is being updated with something better or having a newer model with some more features with in same or next year, so we should also accept changes in the way we do. we should also try new modules or methods of doing healing and should keep adding something or the other, so as to make it much more interesting and informative. Adding entertainment or fun in teaching is now a days known as infotainment and we all should grasp the ways, needed today by our students.

We are thankful to great Mr Mikao USUI and his followers, which than taught to our Reiki teacher Mrs and Mr. N. K. Sharma. We are grateful to you all and especially our fellow Reiki Master from Romania, who reminded that today, is the birthday of Mr Mikao USUI, and today is also 66th anniversary of India’s Independence. I wish you all greetings and would love to send you all our blessings and warm wishes.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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