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Giving Reiki Healing to fishes in a friend Aquarium

By admin | In Success Stories | on February 11, 2011

Giving Reiki Healing to fishes in a friend Aquarium

Fellow Energies, since you had been with us, and we have your co operation, we know that we will be able to share all what we can. We had been surprised but happy to see so many comments and emails from you all, asking us to clear some dounts and sharing some new Reiki healings done by us here. We are definitely going to share our all the latest updates with you here as always.

Last week, we got a call from our friend, who was having a beautiful aquarium in his office, and was full os small and beautiful colored fishes in it. He called us and told us that the fishes were continuously dying every week for no reason. There was neither any symptom of any health issue or infection on anyone, but the fishes first began to swim slow down their movements and in next 3-4 days, the die. He was a big lover of his fishes, probably due to so many fishes dying in his aquarium was making him feel low and guilty someway or the other.

We went to his office, and after reaching his office, checked the office energy levels. We checked all of his office and every corner and around the aquarium too. After our examination, our conclusion was that their aquarium had some new television set and some power cables close to it, radiating negative radiations to it. This was the silent killer to these fishes, which he was unable to find out. So we asked either to remove the cables and TV set, or to change the location of the aquarium. Than we also gave him some Reiki charged crystals, so as to put in the aquarium, to keep the water and fishes charged. We asked him to give a small reminder call to us every 21 days or before, so that one of us may go and recharge the crystal. It is about a week now, and he is really happy to see that the fishes are safe and happy in the charged water. When we look at the fishes eyes, they look like are smiling and happy for saving their lives.

We are
really grateful to our Reiki teachers and fellow Reiki Masters to help and perform these healings. Thank you all too for making us feel proud of Reiki and acting as a medium in Reiki and other energies.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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