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Gem stones and Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on August 24, 2012

Fellow energies, we are pleased and are thankful to you all for kind, love filled emails and comments, for which we are obliged and are grateful. We have been trying to understand and implement your ideas in our articles and are trying to learn what life has to offer. It was yesterday only, when we were having some regular interruptions of power and internet and we were unable to edit and make correction in our product content.

We got this email from our fellow Reiki Master from Romania, who had purchased a few Gem stones for herself and was getting some great changes in her life, on using them after cleansing and charging with Reiki energy. She wanted to know if Reiki cleansing works on these Gem stones and how did it effect on the receiver after Reiki healing. She also want to know that she also had some breathing problem and also felt a lot of positive vibration coming from those stones. She want to know about how to use Reiki more on these stones and to help her and others.

Friends, as we have already described you all that we are all just a part of an energy and we all are able to receive and reflect energy. These gem stones, as we know if used as per Astrology or birth charts, can help in clearing our self blockages to a great extent. We know that these gem stones if wore or kept with us, are good, as per our birth charts. These Gem stones can also have an adverse effect, if kept without consulting any Astrologer with proper knowledge.

These Gem stones can be purified using rock salt solution in water or any other Holy water, as in India, we also use river Ganga water, similarly many different countries have different rivers or lakes which are considered as holy or sacred. Being a Reiki practitioner, we can also use Reiki symbols and affirmations to purify and charge these gem stones or crystals. However, we all must understand that since it takes high and good amount of positive affirmations, as for charging or purifying these stones, we need to visualize them with Golden or Violet colored light only.

There is a separate pattern for using these gem stones to wear in our fingers and also have a particular day to wear them too. We should try to understand these as a palmist or consult a palm reader for this, otherwise, I am mentioning them here. The finger next to thumb is our index finger, and that is for planet Jupiter, than next finger is for Saturn, than Sun and Venus, and finally the shortest finger is for Mercury and Moon. In short, we Astrologers and Palm readers call the fingers as JSSM (Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury).

The days related to different planets are as under: Jupiter – Thursday, Saturn- Saturday, Sun – Sunday, Venus- Friday, Mercury- Wednesday, Moon- Monday. This may take the topic in a different flow, so I will simply suggest you to use stones with a proper guidance of your friendly Astrologer, so that you are able to get your best from these Gem stones.

We are grateful to you all and for this article, especially to  our fellow Reiki Master from Romania.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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