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Food habits for you. What you should eat or should avoid

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on October 14, 2010

Food habits for you. What you should eat or should avoid

Friends most of us have been asking about what food we must eat, which can help us improving our Reiki Healing energy or which can be digested easily. Most of us have been asking me upon what should be eaten and what should be avoided, so as to keep healthy and are away from any kind of health issues.

See here that our body has a chemical reaction, going on in our body which is fighting all the anti bodies and helping in food digestion etc. called metabolism. (I am sorry if I am not giving up proper definition here). This body metabolism is responsible for all the digestion and keeping us fit to a lot of extent. Our body has all the inner strength and set of bacteria and viruses, so as to kill or digest any kind of foreign element in our body, or which is not good for our body. Our body has got all the viruses and bacteria of all the diseases and health problems too. Due to our strong metabolism and positive bacteria, all the deadly or disease germs are defeated easily and we are healthy. There are some foods, which help us to improve our metabolism and some, which can spoil our metabolism of our body. With age, these cells of metabolism may get weaker, but with our good eating habits, we can be always healthy. Earlier days, people were living over 100 of years, but now it is very rare, even though now we have been very technical and scientific. Now we are able to cure many health issues with medicines are able to do certain major surgeries, which were like a dream earlier.

Now, why is all this happening and how we can have a better, healthy living? I am here not saying that you will live over 100 years after taking my advice, but yes, you will live healthier, and have lessor health issues. For this, we must take note of certain things or time taken for digestion by certain different food stuff.

Fruits and vegetables are digested by our metabolism in 1-2 hours. Sprouts take about 3-4 hours to digest. Wheat bread and Curry takes about 7-8 hours to digest. White bread (Maida) takes about 4-7 days for digestion. Same time is taken by any kind of meat, flesh or egg. Dry fruits also take 2-4 hours to digest, while they are heavy in protein and vitamins.

There has been a misconception by many that having a heavy weight is good for health or looks. I must here tell you all that if one is over weight, it does not look good or is healthy, but one who is normal and having better energy is a real good one. The real inner energy comes from fruits, vegetables or dry fruits. This is one of the reasons that now a days most of non vegetarian eaters are turning towards vegan. Even we can check the food’s Aura with the help of Dowser or any other Reiki instrument, it will show you easily. We have also checked sometimes with the help of ‘Kineseology’, which we teach in our Reiki 3rd A level that flesh and eggs etc. are having a bad effect on one’s body.

If we eat normal vegan food, there at times certain problems arise. They can be due to bad or wrong eating habits, which need to be explained later on. Tomato’s skin takes about 8-12 hours to digest, so eating Tomato in any form during dinner with skin should be avoided, or it causes Gas or acidity. Taking more than 200ml of milk is useless, as rest flushes out of body in anyway. Fat in our body is needed by about 1 tsp a day only. Rest all is accumulated in our body, which we at later stage take medicines or do heavy exercise to burn. Some of us even go for major surgeries.

Friends, our body is a fully functional machine and knows what to accept and how much and what not to. We ourselves are spoiling our bladder, kidneys, liver by eating junk food or eating what is bad. Later we go to Medical practitioners for medicines and all. Sometimes, when people get loose motions, remember that it is just all that fixed in your body creating acidity etc. is flushing out.. so only take water or liquids, to clean your body from inside. Try to take light food during it, so as to help digestion. Some people take bread, butter or tea with them so that their motion take a halt, which is just again ruining your abdomen, after a fresh service. This loose motion is a sign that now your stomach is empty, so now please use it wisely next time, but we again start filling our abdomen with all junk food and waste. Sometimes we also see people with constipation, and that they need medicines to flush out. It is very simple, that the food you took last time has yet not digested, so it can not come out. Take liquids and food that can digest faster and easily must be taken now. But once we are okay, we again start torturing our buds.

Sometimes, for the sake of taste, junk food may be taken, but please avoid making it a habit and spoil your metabolism. Please friends, I am here not giving you a lecture on anything bad. it is just for your own and your family’s good health, I am telling you all. Try to understand and do co operate.

Thank you all for reading and having patience for reading my articles.

Love and Light

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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