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Following my Heart

By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on August 22, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all and your nice, love filled comments. It is our honor to have you all positive energies around us and guiding in whatever we do.

Yesterday evening, we got a call from one of our fellow energy, who has been calling for appointment to meet and discuss of some spinal injury healing by Reiki healing energy. He seem to be willing to come, but some or the other blockage is keeping him slight distant and difficult to meet. However, while chatting, we were told a few different things, which we knew, but now want to share with you all.

He told us that before talking to our fellow Reiki Masters of our centre ‘Reiki Energy Healers’, he has been talking and meeting several other Reiki practitioners in and around Delhi. He has discussed and read a lot about what they do and how they use it. He told us that our method was a slightly different than others and it look like we research more on Reiki. Well friends, my only purpose of sharing this article is that whatever we do or are doing today, or will do in future, is all posible with your love only. What we did in past or do today, is all because of the feedbacks, All of this has became possible, just because of your faith and confidence on Reiki Healing energy.

What new intentions or visualisations we are using, is all because of you all only. What you guide us, what you feel and what we realised is what made us do the way we are doing now. When we look back, we found our teachers, fellow energies as in Mrs. and Mr. N. K. Sharma, Mr. Bharadwaj, Priyanka Jain, Yashodhan Borkar, Jitender Kumar, Navneet Mathur, Sudhir, Manish Dixit, Sri Ram Bharat, Gagan Deep, Akshay Jain, Mr. Muhammad Nazi, Ms Leila, Mrs. Shalu Pathak, Mrs. Yatri, Dr. Harpreet and many many other fellow energies. The list seem to be endless when I think of the energies like my laptop, internet connection, mouse, mobile, blog, chair, table, crystals, rock salt, Musical Bowl etc etc. 

I am sorry to tell you all this here, but once I try to think of whom to give my gratitude, I feel like even after thousand pages content will still be incomplete. Therefore, I would just suggest you all to follow your heart, listen to it and act. Try to ignore your self life, ego or profitability, and if your Heart agrees to something, just stick to it.

We are thankful to you all in every way by every means for all the support and courage you have given us.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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