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Follow your Heart or Brain

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on January 20, 2012

Fellow Energies, we are pleased to have you all with us and are happy to see your appreciation and concern about learning and sharing new in life. We are just sure of one thing that if our heart feel something is right, we must try to implement the same and try to avoid using our mind in thinking or any of our actions. We must understand that our Heart is able to take good decisions, rather than our brain and is generally right and positive. People who take actions on hearing their heart are often rising high in personal and professional lives, rather than those who think and act tough.

When we are giving Reiki Healing to any energy, we can feel the blockage in particular Chakra and even any particular area, and after clearing it and energizing it, we can get good results. This is only done since we are doing all the Reiki Healing with our Heart Chakra and are giving the intention to our receiver. We all just have to understand that all of our Reiki Healings done using our Heart come across with a good result rather using our brain. While Reiki Healing, we all should just be positive and concentrate on Reiki Healing, the way and how to do it will come to us ourself when doing it with Heart, as it always will strike on the spot.

In our earlier article, where we discussed about using crystals in for Reiki Healing, we got one good comment from a fellow Reiki Master from United Kingdom, Ms Louisa Hynes. We are trying to just copy paste her comment and we really appreciate her kind concern. We are thankful for her comment and we would love if you also read and comment on it.

She wrote,” Louisa Hynes • Hi, I use crystals when I do Reiki healing because intuitively I was drawn to doing so. I feel that using the crystals which correspond to the chakra points and the Reiki hand positions amplifies the energy flowing through to the person. My clients enjoy it as it gives andadded dimension to their treatment and often I will give them a crystal (cleansed and charged) which I think would be of benefit to them. This is always warmly received and I tell them how to work with it for maximum benefit. Sometimes, after the initial scaning at the start of a healing session, I will note particular areas that seem very heavy or blocked and use only the crystal which is right for that area. Or I am guided by what the client tells me to a certain degree.
I really feel that one should be guided by your High Self and intuition and not to stick too rigidly to what you were initially taught. After all, healing techniques are a voyage of discovery and thank goodness, as so many of us are discovering tweaks to the original ways of healing or even whole new ways of looking at healing. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in healing. I really think that if it feels right and you are called to work in a certain way, then do it ! If your actions come from a stand point of love and compassion you can’t go wrong. Blessings and Light x .”

Thanks to you all for your emails and comments.

Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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