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Failure in our healing but I am still positive

By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on December 16, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to your all the emails, your comments and suggestions to us and are grateful to Reiki energy for giving us opportunity to help and clear blockages. We have been working as a Reiki healer since 1996 and have got many successful Reiki healings done. We have been sharing some of the stories about them here on this blog, and some, we may do later. However, today we are sharing one of a Reiki healing, in which we got failure but are still confused on what may have made so.

In the month of October, we got a healing request from a fellow Indian Reiki Master Priya (name changed), whose son had some too much of infection in eyes, making him unable to see. His eyesight had been in trouble since he was about 8 year of age, and now he was going to cross his teen age. The doctors were unable to heal it, despite several medicines and methods, so she want us if Reiki could do some miracle. We had done similar Reiki healing with success, so we were thinking that it will be a normal Reiki healing, with certain Psychic surgeries and Reiki grid healing.

Ms Priya told us that her son was being very negative towards her, so even when she was giving Reiki healing to him, he was unable to feel any improvement as he was a bad receiver to her. As per the photographs and birth details, we were able to understand that his earlier days were very hard and he had been playing with his metabolism and other Chakras a lot. He needed love and care at his very young age, which he missed till now, and his Heart Chakra was also blocked. His anger was reflecting in his eyes and heart, so we started working on it. We also worked on his Brow Chakra and body parts like Kidney and Liver, so that they also help in improving his eye sight.

After over 35 days of Reiki healing, she called us that she had to take her son to a nearby hospital as he was complaining of pain. We felt that it could be due to the Psychic surgeries and we still hope that there was some hope in his improvement. However, today we got email from her again that the doctors have told her that the eyes were completely damaged and we need to stop working for him from today. We replied back that we will be continuing the Reiki healing for one more session and we will be doing it without any fees for that session. We will be doing as we still are hopeful and positive for Reiki healing to clear blockages.

We know that writing about a failure in healings done by us may be taken us wrong or bad, but being a true friendly energy of you all, it is my duty to keep you updated, even if it is good or bad. We are sure that you will stay with me, with same love as ever and accept that in life, we must accept failures as we get success. We are thankful to you all, our fellow Reiki Master ms Priya and our fellow Reiki energies.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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