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Expectations after paying huge Reiki learning fees

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on September 7, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your so many kind and love filled emails here are are pleased to have you all around us. The sense of having you makes us thankful to Reiki energy and our Reiki teachers, who made us establish here and enable us to help self and other fellow energies. It is because of them and our fellow energies that made us confident and able to reply your queries and understand these relevant questions.

We are grateful to our fellow Reiki energy, Ms Bhavna from United Kingdom, and she is a Native Indian, who made us think and discuss some important topic here. She had been a positive receiver with us since long, but sometime back, she asked us a question, which forced us to think and reply it here. She asked us that since Reiki energy is used for clearing of blockage of any energy, so it should be done with minimum of fees and even we should avoid taking any fees. She also asked us that why do we charge so much of fees for teaching Reiki, and we should stop charging or that there will be very few Reiki Grand Masters in this world.

We agree to her on this thing that we do charge a lot for Reiki healing and also in for Reiki teaching, and we also do offer a limited discount for energies, who are unable to pay. But this all, is only for the energies who want to learn level 1, as they can perform their own touch healing. Now, after learning self and other energies’ touch healing, we all know that we can burn blockages from almost all Chakras. We can heal fever, body ache, heart blockages and almost all can be done. For energies, who want to come for level 2 from us, we try to charge a little bit more, since now the energy is able to use Reiki symbols and do distance Reiki healing too. In this level, students can also start their small business of distance Reiki healing and can improve their Reiki healing techniques. We have seen that many students have worked successfully on kidney stones, Heart blockage, fever, Asthma and some more. They also start giving Reiki charged crystals to their receivers for improving their health or getting good grades in exams or interviews. If one student is able to earn or even perform good and better Reiki healing for self or family, we feel the purpose is solved. We understand one small thing that if after spending about 500 USD on level 1 and 2, you are able to save your 5000 USD on medicines for whole life, your 500 is to be known as your investment only.

Similarly, in level 3 A, students learn deeper Reiki healing techniques, like Psychic Attack removal (Black Magic removal), Milan Reiki Grid, Psychic surgery, Kineseology, Reiki grid establishment and a few different new Reiki symbols. These new Reiki symbols help in performing the above techniques of diagnose and burning of blockages easier and much effective. If a receiver is able to save one relationship after this course or even after paying some money, I do feel that the purpose is solved. However, if the person is unable to pay due to their financial problems, we do offer a bargain, and ask for any other mode of energy exchange, which is easy for them to do. But if a wealthy person feel like their finances are going in a waste or is paying for a crap or is negative about Reiki energy, we would better deny. I know that I am here a little bit harsh here, but friends, I request you all to understand some of my small points. I might be wrong somewhere too, so please help me put my points here, and I am all open to hear yours.

Reiki level 3b and Grand Mastership as taught here in India and overseas, helps a receiver to open their own Reiki center, earn and help other fellow energies. The Reiki symbols are all same and the main difference is attunement and some other Reiki secrets as taught here. Therefore, this should only be done if you want to make your own attunements and do some deeper Reiki healing, otherwise I feel that Reiki level 3a gives sufficient learning to one. My humble request to Bhavna Ji and others is that if you feel like I or other Reiki healers are cheating you for energy exchange, I would request you to please forgive me if you are hurt with our words. We have always been telling you that we strictly follow energy exchange, and anyone is poor or unable to pay, we can even accept their gratitude and love for Reiki.

I apologize you all here and thank you all for your kind understanding as I never tried to hurt anyone. I am grateful to have you all with me and supporting me. I will be waiting for your comments and suggestions if possible on what all I wrote today.

Reiki Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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