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Energy exchange from Spouse or parents

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on April 12, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for accepting, sharing and following articles written by us or others here on this platform. We are grateful to you all for sending your so many love filled emails, for which we are highly obliged and are sending Reiki blessings towards you all. Sometimes, it looks amazing to us, when we look behind at the time, when we just entered into learning about Reiki healing energy.

Today, me and our fellow Reiki Master navneet Mathur were discussing about business and other important factors, when we got a call from our another fellow Reiki Master Mr. Mishra. He told us on phone that he also had learned Reiki from our teacher Dr. N. K. Sharma at RHF (Reiki Healing Foundation), and his daughter too was a Reiki Master now. They both have met Dr. Sharma, who gave us our contact number for discussing their doubts about their personal blockages. We could make up that due to the busy schedule, our teacher had given us this noble opportunity to help and guide our fellow Reiki Master, so we gave him our center’s address, so that he can come over and discuss.

During our discussion, he was telling us that he and his daughter, both were working on many different healings and all of them were getting a good success. However, one simple healing, which he tried to work on his son in law and his daughter on her husband was getting delayed for long. He told us that he was using every single procedure he use on other similar blockages for different energies, and he got result with in three to four months. During our discussion, we realised that both the Reiki healers were doing Reiki healing without following energy exchange. He told us that since he was staying in his son in law’s house, he was considering it as the energy exchange by himself. Gis daughter also was getting gifts, jewellery etc. on regular intervals, which she too was taking as the energy exchange. However, we told him that this was completely wrong, and should be given a re consideration. We told him that even if he considered his accommodation, meals and all comforts provided at his daughter’s residence as his energy exchange, he should tell her about it that he was taking it as the energy exchange for teaching and giving Reiki healing for his daughter. We also ask him to take permission from his son in law for performing Reiki healing for him, and similarly his daughter should also take permission from her husband. We also advised her for taking a small extra gift or any other energy exchange for the Reiki energy transfer to him.

This should help them in getting result for the Reiki energy transfer they have been doing for long and have been unable to see or get any improvement. After explaining a few other things too, he was sounding very positive and we felt that we were able to get the nerve of their blockage, which will now be burnt. We are sure that similar like him, there are many other fellow Reiki energies too, which are unable to understand the difference of taking it for granted or informing receiver about this energy exchange value and importance. We are grateful to our Reiki teachers and you all, who have been guiding us in our journey for spreading correct information in this universe.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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