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Energy exchange for self healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on February 9, 2014

Fellow energies, we are grateful to all of you for contacting us with your queries thru different mediums of communications. We are checking our mailboxes everyday, about 10 times a day and are thankful to Reiki energy to make us read some new mail, everyday. We are trying to reply a few of the queries if they are already updated here, otherwise we share the answer here, in the form of an article here.

We have been getting mails and phone calls from our fellow energies, across the globe with different queries. One of a nice query from our fellow Reiki energy from Chennai is shared with you all here. She had been practising Reiki healing since some months, and had been getting good results. She told us that since sometime, she was unable to feel the flow of Reiki energy thru her hands and was getting very less of results from her healings. She also told us that her friend, who has been friend with her for over 15 years had just blocked her from her mobile phone as was now, avoiding her. She was confused and stressed, as there was nothing wrong happened, as he suddenly stopped talking with her and blocked her. She tried calling him from different numbers, but he hung the phone, after hearing her voice. This was also getting the same from some other friends of hers, as they were also blocking her. She called us for what could be the reason, as she had been helping them with Crystal healing and touch healing, without any energy exchange.

She asked us, on what could be the reason as her friends and relatives were cutting off from her and she was unable to perform successful Reiki healing. This was an easy answer for us to give her, and we had been also writing about the same here, many times. We are again forced today to write this article, as there are many of similar Reiki energies, who make this mistake of performing Reiki healing, without any energy exchange. There are some, who feel very much proud and good, when doing the same, without any energy exchange. 

We asked her and advice the same to you all, as to follow energy exchange for your Reiki healings. We also would suggest to do the same, even when you do self Reiki healing. Well, the energy exchange should be done, which is accepted mutually by both, the receiver and the healer. It could be some fees or some other form of energy. From spouse, one can ask some gift, some flower, chocolate, outing etc, from kids, some help at home chaos. From friends or relatives, one can ask, what they both are comfortable with, and from the other energies, it completely depend upon them both. 

We too here, charge a fees for our distance Reiki healing, however, those who are unable to pay, we ask them to share our articles with others in need or help them, the way they can. We sometimes ask for a cup of coffee or tea, from those who find our fees too expensive or are unable to pay. We also give discounts to those. However, those, who can pay our fees, we charge them the full amount as mentioned here. Since there is never a reduction in our Reiki healing process, we never reduce our healing charges, however we keep on increasing it with the new additions. The discounts and reductions are only to those, who are poor and those, unable to pay.

I do my self healing and gift myself a chocolate or a cup of tea for energy exchange, sometimes I gift myself an hour with TV. I am sure that you all will also start performing energy exchange, even for your self healing or the healing for others. This will help and change your life, as I am sure this will help in expanding your Aura to all the corners of this world. The purpose of my articles is just to perform my energy exchange and gratitude to Reiki healing energy, and to spread my part of love and light. I would request you all to perform your energy exchange and gratitude for life.

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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