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Energy effect of Reiki Master close to us or even when we talk to them

By admin | In Aura or Vibes or Vibrations | on January 3, 2011

Energy effect of Reiki Master close to us or even when we talk to them

Fellow energies, it is really good to see you all here with us at our Reiki Energy Healers, and to help us all in spreading love and light in this world. We all the Reiki Masters, Reiki Healers and students are thankful of you for sharing your kind and love filled comments and experiments and reviews, so as to help us enrich our and other energies. We have been trying to share all what we learned with time and you all here.

We all have been getting calls from our students and receivers, and are often asked to chat on online messengers as well. It was a feeling of pleasure for us to know and understand that our receivers were able to feel our Energy and were able to see the good and positive outcome in their personal and professional lives. Most of our receivers call us for whenever they were in trouble, since they know that we keep on spreading our Healing and positive energy every time weather day or night, 24 X 7. Our students and receivers were also able to heal better when they were in connection with us in any form of communication. It was surprising though, that people or energies, who were unknown about our Reiki Healing Energy, were just able to feel the positivity of our soul and were getting benefit of it. When we were in someone’s office or residence, we were able to see that good news start pouring in.

In some places, we were able to see that stopped things started working. Many businesses, which were down, they started to get good orders and even in the case of some personal relations, most of our receivers have a good experience. We have also seen that in some cases, people with psychic attack or black magic attack were feeling better and the change of ambiance in our presence. Many places with negative energies started to get healed with the presence of positive Reiki Energy people or Reiki Masters. Some water resources, where the water was not fit to drink, started giving better water, places where the water source was dried up, it started giving water. One small instance I remember, where a Here by stating this all, we are not trying to state that we are something special or have some magical powers. It is just that we Reiki Energies have positive thought power with us. We energies are always thinking and taking positive actions, may be it is just the power of our positive energy, that the negativity and blockages around us.

We all, as always, as usual thankful for you all to be here with and for us always.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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