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Different types of Reiki known in this world

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 3, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your queries and suggestions to us, as they help us learn and share many different things. We are always open to learn anything which could be of help for our healing process or burning of blockage, negative energies. Today, while I was going through my facebook page, I went on to an interesting link. I am about to share the same in my own words, and hope you will accept it.



The article was as the name suggests of our topic here, and I am sure that many of you too are fascinated by it. Since the day we started our journey of Reiki, love and light, we have been trying to know and learn more of it. 

The first person, to rediscover and to promote Reiki into our modern world was Dr. Mikao Usui, in the year 1922. He taught us a great way to heal ourself and our fellow energies, without the use of any kind of medicine, but this cosmic energy called Reiki. Later on, Ms Hawayo Takata, who also was learning Reiki, along with Dr Usui, brought Reiki into the western world. She and Mr Hayashi made many changes in the basic Reiki healing concept, and thus Reiki took its form as we know now. This Reiki is known as Usui Reiki.

Later on, Mr William Lee Rand, again made some changes, and since he was a learned person and follower with a Buddhist philosophy, named his Reiki system as Karuna Reiki. The name itself means like a flow of emotions and positive energy towards receiver or fellow energies, with love and gratitude.

Later on, many followers from Tibet, added many different systems, such as from Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Lord Mahaveera etc, and named their system as tibetan Reiki. They also added a powerful concept of attunement, which came from Jainism and it is now helping a lot of Reiki practitioners, all over the world. Due to this attunement, Reiki healing done is having much more of energy transfer, than it was earlier.

Recently, in 2002-2003, Kevin Core and his partner, Christine de Heera worked on their own and developed an unique healing concept, known as Angelic healing system. This system involves Angels in our healing and burning of blockage. This system is also widely accepted now a days.

Rainbow Reiki was established sometime in the late 80′s  to about early 90′s by Walter Lübeck from Germany. He used many different methods and initiations, along with what Dr Mikao Usui had taught. His system is also accepted in many parts of the world.

Now, we must also add about the Kundalini awakening healing. This concept is a combination of yoga and Reiki healing, and this combination is working well in most parts of this world.

We ourselves are here accepting all the possible systems possible, mixing as in a grinder and using in our Reiki healing system. We are using all the above systems and using Theta healing system, PSI, EFT and still trying to incorporate more. Our aim is to work on a successful Reiki healing system, and burn any kind of blockage with ease. We are also trying to share everything with you all as our fellow energies, so that you all too can follow and do the same, or better than us.

Reiki blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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