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difference between rock salt and common salt

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 21, 2012

Fellow energies, we are really pleased with your emails, kind suggestions and requests to solve your queries. We are as always, trying to reply your every question and doubt with our information or as taught to us. Sometimes, we also have to check and diagnose with the Aura or even use Kineseology, as is taught in Reiki workshops, now a days.

As you all know that we have been praising the use of rock salt in our daily life, Reiki healing, to protect from any kind of negativity and burning of negativity as well. One of our fellow Reiki healers asked us the difference between the normal salt, which we use in cooking and the rock salt as we had been talking of. They said that the normal salt available is having iodine, and is better than any other, since is also filtered, pure and having an easy flow. But now, we understood what they were meaning and what they need to understand, before it was too late.

Normal cooking salt is filtered for sure, and during filtration, all the natural qualities of salt are filtered out, leaving only the taste in it. Adding Iodine to salt may be called some addition, but in our normal routine diet, we intake many food products, which contain Iodine, so its just a money making concept for Salt companies. We all know that sea contain salt and it can easily be collected at shores, without much effort. If we just filter this salt in a normal process, and just extract the salt and throw all waste particles from it, it can be used and should be much cheaper and affordable. Rock salt as we know is the same salt, but its where the sea has all dried up, and now lies the big lumps or salt mountains. These big rocks of salt can be used as rock salt and have too much of positive Aura. We know that where ever there is a salty sea water, all the sea creatures are harmless to the tune that they are free from any kind of poison. There may be Whales, Shark or else, but all are free from any kind of poison, but the area of sea, where there is fresh water, we can find sea snakes, jelly fishes and all sort of poisonous creatures can be found there. We can also see one small example that if we sprinkle a pinch of rock salt on any poisonous creature, they run away from there or may die. If we rub our body at their bite, the poison effect ends faster. Most of the anti poison medicines include rock salt as an ingredient. In Military areas, forces make a boundary using rock salt around their camps, so as to keep protected from any poisonous being. If we take a shower using rock salt, any kind of negative or poisonous creature will just maintain a distance from us. Even a poisonous snake or insect will keep a proper distance from us, which means we will be safe from any bite. But, please try, not to irritate them or hurt them, since if they feel themselves in danger, they might bite, despite their life at risk.

I am sure, that with this small explanation, you can understand the difference between rock salt and normal cooking salt. Cooking salt may have some of salt properties, but for real positive energy, negativity burning etc, we need rock salt. Thanks to you all for your kind requests and helping us share this article.

Blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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