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Deep meditation for our own Reiki healing

By admin | In Meditation in Reiki | on March 16, 2011

Deep meditation for our own Reiki healing

Fellow Energies, we had been trying to do good Reiki Healings and share the same with you all, so as to spread better love and light in this world. As we had been working on various Reiki Healings, we were asked for how we can do better self healing. We know, teach and do self healing using our charged hands and using Reiki symbols. However, a need of some new technique and deep meditation was there, which made us think about it and to work on it.

We know that we all are using deep meditation for past karma healing and also for burning off all the blockages in our life. For past sometime, we had been asked on how can we remove any kind of blockage inside our body so as we are physically fit and active.

We were now working on a different kind of self healing, which helped us and we are sure that it will be working for you too. We must all keep these things handy with us for our deep meditation session as camphor lamp, incense sticks, olive oil candle, Reiki crystal wands, crystal pencils, crystal balls, Tibetan bell etc. After making a grid around us with crystal pencils or crystal balls, we should charge them all with the help of our Reiki wand. We should also lighten up the camphor lamp, olive oil candle and incense sticks.

Now we should play some soft music or any other spiritual music so as to help us concentrate on ourselves. Now we should close our eyes, relax and lie down in the crystal grid. We should start visualize white color light entering from our Crown Chakra and should concentrate on the place light enters. Now we should try to follow the light as if we are a part of it. Here after, we should see us entering our skull and should try to see every part of our skull from inside as it looks. We can also keep a book handy with us, so that we can visualize properly. From skull, we should be able to see our eyes, ear, nose, lips, tooth and everything one by one clearly. Slowly slowly, we should try getting down the body to Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra etc.. till we reach our feet.

It should take sometime for us to reach our feet and we must be able to see our every organ, bone in white light and from inside our body. If certain body part is not visible to us, it just means that there is slightly blockage in that particular part, and we need to purify and heal it with the help of our power symbols.

Once this is done, we can keep doing it about once a day, so that we are healthy and fit physically. We will be able to feel the energy increasing in us and our body responding much better than ever. It will be helping us giving us much more stamina and control of our body.

We have seen that even our kidney and liver working much better and metabolism improving with the help of this meditation. We are sure that you all will get the maximum benefit and will be able to do a lot better ahead in your life.

Thanks to all of you for your regular support and valuable comments.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain






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