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Change your thoughts it will change your world

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 8, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your comments, suggestions and the articles you are sending. It is really nice to see that our fellow energies are getting much more positive then earlier and are sure that the energies around them must be improving too. One good and positive energy helps in creating a better ambiance around them, as the thought and actions of one energy pass on to other. I am sure that if this positive vibration keep growing on this pace, we will see a great change, which is needed by us all.

Today, we are again going to share another article as written and shared by our fellow Reiki practitioner Sriram Bharat. His life has been going through a rapid change these days, and Reiki energy is helping him in getting his aim and targets in life easily. He is one of our adorable Reiki practitioners, and once again I have to remind you all that our receivers are just like our child, so he is one of our adorable child, and we are happy to see his growth and progress. We must remember that one candle can light the whole room, so must keep spreading light where we can. Here is what he has to say to you us all:

Hi to all now I am going to tell you that there is lot of change is happening inside me where I can see and spread positive to the world and also avoid all the blockages and make a love filled life.

         Each and everything which we are acting and reacting are due to the karmic imbalances and many other blockage which are stopping us to reach higher level in our life.

         So friends I am going to explain you my own experience to every one where you can also apply in your daily life to get more positive vibrations around you by just changing your thought which will eventually changes your world.

My Experience:

          Yesterday while I’m alone sitting in the balcony of my home I got the thought suddenly about god. As we all know he is the Creator, the Ruler and the Destroyer. And also he is the unconditional love inside us.

          Now coming to the point with my experience was in the morning I have read in one book in that one guru has written about god. That he is inside us and I was thinking he Is the form of unconditional love inside us and just feeling the love inside me while I am meditating but suddenly I got the thought if god is inside me then he will be living in each and every other human being. By just closing my eyes I started visualizing each and every person like a god like a goddess, like a angel, like a gandharwa, like a monk and like a prophet etc.

      Even you can visualize our servant who cleans our home is in the form of god who is serving us.The cook in the form of god feeding us.Drivers (Car,Bus,Auto,Rickshaw pullers) in the form of god serving us to have a safe journey.

    If you see some woman see the god in the form of mother who is serving his child. If there is no one around you just visualize him in the walls,plants,doors,roads,sky etc.

   Even you will be protected from hatred persons around you by filling this positive energies around us then we will see the great change in our life which will be more love filled spiritual journey will be happened.

   Some times god will test us in different forms how positive we are towards him. Even we have any bitter experiences but trust him completely.

  But again I repeat the key point is visualize that each and every person has god inside them then you can have unblockaged happy life.

And some times if get deeper in this process tears will flow automatically through your eyes it’s a good sign for u that you have the divine blessings which I have just experienced yesterday by just changing my thought which had changed my world.

       All the very Best to  the people who will apply this procedure which will improve our aura,blockage free,chakra balances and mostly divine blessings.


   So guys any one can apply this is condition less application where any one can apply but be careful do it under the guidance of any master or teacher because I m a healer myself I know the boundaries and directions of my journey. Also I m having blessings from vineet jain, other gurus and almighty.


I feel gratitude towards my gurus,Vineet Jain ,almighty and family members who are supporting me in my love filled life journey.

We are thankful to you all, our Reiki teachers, fellow energies for all of your positive actions and support to us. Keep showering Reiki energy and stay positive life long.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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