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What is Reiki'S ARCHIVE

  •   Fellow Energies, I am thankful to you all, for your kind support, love and blessings. I am grateful to you all in spreading awareness about Reiki in this world and am happy that the world is accepting it too.  I am getting some queries for different issues and concerns from across the globe, and […]

  • Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for sending your kind queries, suggestions and emails filled with gratitude. This whole last month had been full of surprises, events, and realizations for me. I was able to share and express my feelings to the full with many people, reach out to much more.  I have […]

  • Reiki queries by a few

    By admin | In What is Reiki | on December 6, 2016

            Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all. I am sharing a few queries with their answers for you all. I hope am able to help.   7 benefits of Reiki Healing Scientific healing modality, accepted by all religions across the globe. Healing can be done in person as well as […]

  • Why to choose Alternative healing

    By admin | In What is Reiki | on November 22, 2016

    Fellow energies, I am thankful to you all for reading the articles shared at my life, ReikiEnergyHealers.com . I am always trying to write and share something that comes up to me and feel is valuable or good for you all.  Last week, after my presentation, I was just thinking about how to make the […]

  • This was a very hard step from her, but she was pleased as her husband accepted it, and thus, she finally placed it. Next morning, there was a bad and shocking news awaiting on the breakfast table, when her husband told her that he might have to shut down his office as the business was low, and al of his belongings might move in to home. She was shocked, and so were we, but we felt that this could be a small indication and hint of Reiki cosmic energy to bring them closer again.

  • Today at our blog, we got a query from our fellow Reiki practitioner who wanted to know if self cleansing of Chakras is okay at ground or better on some carpet or other surface. Friends, as per our personal experience, we feel that Reiki energy transfer to ourselves or to any other energy could be taken place at any place, where one is comfortable. We all know that after learning distance Reiki healing or touch Reiki healing, one has to perform Reiki healing to their fellow energies and clear blockages of various type. Before that, there is a 21 day self cleansing program, that is given to all of us for a blockage free life and cleansing of our all seven Chakras.

  • Now, we will be discussing here the importance of using Reiki symbols in Reiki healing, since many of our fellow Reiki healers are able to perform a good Reiki healing, using the simple visualization of white or golden light only. Well, here I must try to gain your attention to a few points here, which we seem to be ignoring or have forgotten due to a lack of practice or else. As we all know that Reiki symbols are symbolic of different form of energies, they are associated with. If we look at any red cross symbol on any car or any place, we immediately look at it as there should be some medical practitioner or it has some association with medicine.

  • Most of those who forget or ignore this practice in their Reiki healing, seem to suffer from one or the other kind of problems. This is just that they start feeling what their receivers are going through, thinking or feeling, after the healing is done. We all must emphasis and do a force disconnection from our receiver after drawing the final Cho Ku Rei symbol at Heart Chakra of our receiver.

  • The mistake she did was using rock salt shower using rock salt as a whole, while we meant that we should be making a solution using the salt and water. We just asked you all to mix rock salt in the bathing water, so that where ever it reaches, salt also spreads all of your body with it. Friends, it may feel slight itching or uneasy during or after this rock salt to some, but it is just a process of cleaning and protection.

  • It really makes me much more thankful to our teachers after knowing more and more for what we do. Similarly, all other Alternative Healing practitioners are also trying their best for a faster, effective healing. It is just a small wish for all the Reiki Masters want Reiki Healings to be done in as little time as possible. However, as of I know, most of our fellow Reiki Masters just love to follow their teachers blindly, without even understanding what their teachers want them to do. However, there are a few Reiki Masters, who keep on looking for the answers for the unknown and understand each and everything they were taught.

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