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What do we do'S ARCHIVE

  • Burning a bad past using Reiki healing

    By admin | In What do we do | on December 29, 2012

    There could be some bad or negative experiences or could be cheated by someone we trusted or else which we want to remove from our memory. After a long discussion, we came to a point that we should also burn that past negativity from our past, as it may block our future life. Most of us keep on think about our that bad or sad past, making our life filled with stress and negativity. This negativity thus result in much more of new blockages, resulting in fresh new blockages, which give birth to new hurdles in our life. Now, in order to clear these past blockages from our Heart and mind, we need to work on them, when and as we get time.

  • I replied her to be patient and that she need to learn a few more things about Reiki, so she need some more time to learn than going ahead for a fast track. This made her angry and irritated on me, and she replied me with some negative words that I was being proud of being a Reiki Master and I have to change my ways.

  • However, if we try to remove the negative energies from our home or place them in a particular area, specially dedicated to them only our searches will be made easier. Some people love to keep alcohol bottles or any other negative energy scattered everywhere, which will end up much more time consumption in the find.

  • She asked us that what do we do before talking or coming in contact with any other energy, since at times, she feels very uneasy during interaction with a few. She also feel weak or stressed after talking with some negative energy or who seem to be in trouble. She wanted to know if we do some Reiki on ourselves or on our receiver when connected, since she felt too much relieved and comforted. She also wanted to ask for what kind of protection do we use, so as to be protected and safe from the negativity from other energies, since it could be helpful for her.

  • How is Reiki Grand Master Grid

    By admin | In What do we do | on May 11, 2012

    This way, we try to keep our Reiki Grid powerful and active with too much positive energies, and we than just do the healing one by one in person or by distance. We here in India are charging for every 21 day of Reiki healing, and are using most of our time on Reiki Healing and discussions, thinking about Reiki only. We are very much hopeful and positive towards better and much more effective Reiki Healings using this Reiki Grid.

  • use of rock salt in Reiki

    By admin | In What do we do | on May 5, 2012

    In case of block nose, most of nasal drops are rock salt solution. Our eye drops, acidity medicines, gastric trouble medicines or any other medicines contain some quantity of rock salt for sure. This way, if we use rock salt in our cooking, most of our health problems will be solved, however we also need to change a little bit of our diet, since most of us are using too much of fatty and spicy food, which is bad.

  • correct way of drawing Reiki symbols

    By admin | In What do we do | on May 3, 2012

    The other reason what I think was that he just taught the way he was drawing them, since a left handed will be drawing it the other way round, since drawing from right to left is slight difficult for him. I only feel that if there was any of his fellow energy, who was left handed, the way of teaching would have been a bit different, but now, we are just following without even understanding the root of it.

  • Reiki workshops in USA and Canada

    By admin | In What do we do | on April 30, 2012

    As you all might be aware that my real sister Monika Jain and her children are staying in Brampton for over four years now and are now a formal citizen of Canada. She has been asking me to migrate to Canada with my family, but I have been just going very slow, as moving to another country is going to be a tough decision. I know that Canada is a country with too low temperatures, and I sort of shiver a lot on cold, while it is too much cold as I know.

  • In our next workshop, we will be trying to tell the direction of any one sitting in a different room, without asking or telling our students. If this experiment goes fine, we will try to discuss and find the color and dress code of the person, and than later the description of the person too. If this all goes well, I am sure that our students will be excited to learn and practice in their personal lives as well.

  • It really makes me much more thankful to our teachers after knowing more and more for what we do. Similarly, all other Alternative Healing practitioners are also trying their best for a faster, effective healing. It is just a small wish for all the Reiki Masters want Reiki Healings to be done in as little time as possible. However, as of I know, most of our fellow Reiki Masters just love to follow their teachers blindly, without even understanding what their teachers want them to do. However, there are a few Reiki Masters, who keep on looking for the answers for the unknown and understand each and everything they were taught.

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