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Success Stories'S ARCHIVE

  • Some Healers ignore connecting and disconnecting the receiver. Some bypass Gratitude to their Teachers, some skip gratefulness towards the receiver even. I am here, trying to help all those healers and receivers with what is needed and having a major place in a good Reiki healing. Sometimes, the receiver is having some negativity, as they can not understand what is going to happen while the Reiki process is conducted. Due to different body sensations, different receivers have different outcomes. Some feel relieved, while some feel nothing happening during the process. The people who feel nothing, is due to the blockage in them and slight negativity in them. There is a huge expectation in people, and some think that some magic will come to them, but it is not magic in real.

  • Before entering into his room, I have already charged and grounded myself with the Reiki symbols, so was comfortable and secured. What I saw after entering the room was shocking and a bit like a nightmare to me and may be others. The blood red eyed guy was shouting and have all the children standing on the corners of room. They look scared and were crying. I was looking just for how I can get the kids out of that room, so that I can start the treatment.

  • Transfer. and until there is a good energy transfer, no healing can give a good result. Similarly, some of the Reiki healers or Reiki masters or other healing practitioners ignore energy transfer. Sometimes, even the receiver is not very much comfortable with the energy transfer in terms of payments or else. But the healer is under some emotional bindings or social bindings, so has to do healing. This result in imbalance in healing transfer, and the outcome is no healing or only a very little effect. Sometimes, the problem arise after a short time of healing and the receiver seem to be having lessor faith on the healer

  • Acupressure healing and Reiki healing united to give life in air It was me, flying to Mumbai, when I heard a small announcement from Air hostess. It was 2nf of October, 2010, about 7:30PM, when we were asked if someone from us was a practitioner doctor and can help them. When the announcement was made […]

  • Namaste Friends Here I am once again with you to share another healing done by me last week. It was one of a very different kind of healing for me or any other healer, but I knew I had to do it sometime of my life. There is a lady in my neighborhood, called Rekha […]

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