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Success Stories'S ARCHIVE

  • It was a shock for all of us, due to terrible Earthquake in Nepal, and volcano eruption in Chile. My sincere blessings are with everyone associated with.

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  • This is about Reiki healing done on for my self, using Reiki Healing and color Therapy,

  • The price was too high for the genuine one, and she refused to buy a local make. However, she was confused on to buy a new one, or to wait for some days for her salary. In the evening, while she was working on her receiver, using body talking, she started working on her laptop’s battery too. She talked and talked to it and asked her to regain strength, get up and help her again. She ask for excuse and apology, as she had ignored taking care of her in past, and now promised to take full care of it in future.

  • Distance Reiki healing for cancer

    By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on December 6, 2014

    After I returned, his children took him to USA for more check ups and a possible Chemo Therapy treatment. Well, my brother, who invited me in Dubai is being a Reiki practitioner, and along with that, he is using certain other energy combinations in healing. However was unable to persuade his doctor brother, hence has to accept what he said. I was however asked to keep on doing distance Reiki healing for him, which I am still doing.

  • I then performed a Psychic surgery, where in I first of all filled all the open areas (bleeding open areas) with golden light, so that they are sealed with golden colour light. After this, I replaced his feet, brain, liver, heart and kidney, one by one. After this, I drew Reiki symbols Vasudha, Apta, Zonar, Hossanna, Tibetan Dai Koo Myo, Rama and finally Cho Ku Rei at Heart Chakra. My intention and affirmations were that the boy is fit and fine. He is coming to meet me running, dancing with his father with joy. I also visualised that the boy and his father were dancing merrily together in some family function.

  • I say this to make their life a different one, so that they should start taking actions like they have never taken, or their life is uncertain. After realising this small concept, I have seen many changes in my own life, and so for the others. I myself was slow in taking actions, but its all a past.

  • If we add rock salt in our meals, shower etc, our blood will again become alkaline, which is the need of our immune system. Acidic blood means acid in blood, which can easily be referred as acid circulating in our body. Acid can ruin any of the internal body parts, if we can understand this easily. This acid can make them malfunction for ever, or weak, which can never be restored easily. However, continuous using of rock salt will help in killing down the acid formation in our blood, but will also help in regeneration of pure, energetic blood.

  • Dear master, Greetings! Its amazing there are so many healers & healing methods around the globe.I myself reiki practicioner is always interested to know about various other healing methods where we dont have to take medicines orally. I am usually a daily reader of ur site & eager to know that what new thing u will share. but yesterday was very special.As the article you shared about bodytalk healing.

  • Reiki healing for lump on neck

    By admin | In Gratitude, Success Stories | on July 22, 2014

    When she asked me for the healing, I immediately felt that what a fool I was, as I had never even asked to show it, even when we had done video chat on several occasions. She told me that she was in office, so she will do it later. I just now started working on how I will be working on her lump, and I would request your information / views on it too.

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