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Reiki Symbols'S ARCHIVE

  • After about many, I mean many of successful healings, I am unable to remember when, I started following their saying. I also started chanting the name of Reiki symbols, three or more times, while performing Reiki healing. During the time I was chanting, I can very well and clearly visualise the Reiki symbol called. I even felt like that I am calling the Reiki energy symbol from the universe, and it started working the way we need it to.

  • This Reiki symbol may be drawn on both the hands, one by one, using more than one finger at a time. After drawing the Reiki symbol on both palms, one should do self touch healing by placing palms on all the seven Chakras, one by one for about 3 to 5 minutes. This Reiki symbol can also be drawn on walls of home and work place by the energy, so as to create abundance and burning blockages all around.

  • She sounded sad, since she was a single mother, but wanted to do anything for her business, as it was the only source of income for her. We did distance Reiki healing for her business, over a time of one year, but the improvement was very little. We were confused, as on we were using every possible way and procedure for healing we knew.

  • Reiki healing for plants

    By admin | In Reiki Symbols, Science of Reiki | on December 24, 2013

    This Arab guy Mohd. Saeed, who is also our fellow Reiki Master has been practicing Reiki since last three years. He told us that he was in love with this Basil plant at his home. (Arabs know the Basil plant as Reyhan).

  • Reiki symbol Hosanna

    By admin | In Reiki Symbols, Science of Reiki | on December 21, 2013

    This will also make them feel relax and lighter as this Reiki symbol works immediately at the Heart Chakra. After this, we can draw other Reiki symbols, using Vasudha, Apta, Hosanna, Rama and Reiki Master symbol Dai koo Myo in any order.

  • Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind queries and doubts related Reiki healing energy. We are also thankful to all those who are sending us some amazing queries, giving us an opportunity to work on and reply. There are some, which make us think, work on the queries and then write […]

  • How to use Reiki symbols for any healing

    By admin | In Reiki Symbols | on November 18, 2013

    She than asked me, on how to use all of these, and what intention should be used. She was also confused when I asked her to use all the intentions, as are used for uniting to energies as of opposite sex. She was more confused now, and asked me that why should we use the uniting initiations and how will it help.

  • Ten for additional protection I visualized it in front of me and behind me and I went from home. Quiet the traffic was less, but when I wanted to make left on another road I did correctly all I had to do and was waiting that the cars from the opposite sense will pass. Behind me a BMW saw me and put the brake but behind him a Mercedes with two lovers inside the car neither saw me nor the BMW and although the BMW tried to take a direction to not be hit he was hit and both cars got problem.

  • How to control emotions

    By admin | In Reiki Symbols | on February 15, 2013

    However, if we see that the healing is taking too long to work, we try to discuss and rethink for working on the particular blockage for burning and clearing it. Yesterday, I was asked on how to control our emotions or of any other energy. This just means when we feel too much of emotional weak, stressed or hyper and angry. There has to be a way so as to control our own emotions, as well as any other.

  • These Reiki symbol can be drawn on the Sky for attracting universal energies and visualization should be like we are getting a shower of Golden light on us. After this Sati symbol, we can draw Sei Hei Ki, Apta or Rama Reiki symbol in pink color for balancing and filling the Golden light with pink color. As we all know, pink gold is very expensive metal and should be visualized as money showering on us.

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