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Our Chakras and Aura'S ARCHIVE

  • Having these proprieties as I mentioned below how great could be if we have a prosperity Laxmi Rudraksha. With the correct use and application of white, golden and green light and we use some Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Zonar, Apta and Vasudha. Similarly, these Reiki symbols can also be used for healing any illness. It all depends also on which type of illness or blockage is

  • Today at our blog, we got a query from our fellow Reiki practitioner who wanted to know if self cleansing of Chakras is okay at ground or better on some carpet or other surface. Friends, as per our personal experience, we feel that Reiki energy transfer to ourselves or to any other energy could be taken place at any place, where one is comfortable. We all know that after learning distance Reiki healing or touch Reiki healing, one has to perform Reiki healing to their fellow energies and clear blockages of various type. Before that, there is a 21 day self cleansing program, that is given to all of us for a blockage free life and cleansing of our all seven Chakras.

  • Today evening, we got an email from a fellow Reiki energy who was from India, and she asked us about which particular Chakra blockages were involved in a relationship blockage. This really was a serious question and we can understand with her mail that she was very much concerned about her personal life and want to heal it

  • About five months back, a female visited our Reiki center, she was in her 60’s and came for her feet pain. When we saw her feet, they were blue with swelling and look like she was unable to walk easily and was suffering a lot. She asked us to do some healing for her feet, so we asked her to lie down on our bed, so that Reiki session could be performed. She lie down, and we asked her to close her eyes, so that we can start the session.

  • Chakra Cleansing and Charging

    By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on August 28, 2012

    Throat Chakra helps in our vocal cord, shoulders and also governs spine to some extent, so visualization of the said parts in white color helps in a better way. Using this method, we can also give Reiki healing to them, if needed.

  • Friends, as we all know what the receiver goes to a Reiki healer, for burning off the blockages in any of Chakras, and if the receiver is too positive, it helps the Reiki energy to flow easily and in a shorter time. This means, while the Reiki healer was giving Reiki to the receiver, the blockage got burned in a very short span of time, and the receiver was healed in time, lessor than thought or expected

  • However at times, Reiki healers or receivers or both are unable to feel any kind of vibe or vibration during this Reiki healing process, and they feel like too much blocked due to this. We all must understand the reason for why such happens and what is the reason for making us unable to feel any kind of sensation.

  • Also during our attunements, we Reiki Masters have to visualize and draw all Reiki symbols as per the Reiki levels, as what we give is what they will get. During the attunement, Reiki symbols play an important role for transfer of Reiki energy, as per the chant of names of Reiki symbols. We should always remember that our students just follow us all and if we are doing a right thing, they ll will also follow the correct path of Reiki.

  • Our Seven Chakras with colour location and importance We all have have seven chakras in our body, governing us and helping us to live, work and do all. Our life energy which is white in colour directs and govern all the seven chakras of our body. We must understand it in a easy manner as […]

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