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Our Chakras and Aura'S ARCHIVE

  • As we all know that today’s students are also our own teachers in someway, so we want to give them all we have, so that we can also learn something much better. The views, comments, queries and their vivid ideas sometime gives us a great new path.

  • We have never blocked or limited ourself to the fees, as we also understand that there are some, for whom, it is difficult to pay, we accept their possible energy exchange. We however never limit or follow this 21 day rule for all, as there are some, who are unable to keep this 21 day cleansing, so we give them some more extension of a month or even more, until we take them to further next level.

  • How to cleanse our Chakra blockages

    By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on August 6, 2013

    This should continue till we reach our Base Chakra. We should keep one thing in mind that during this whole procedure, where ever our symbol was roaming, we must remember to see that area changing in white colour, after the symbol passed. This now has to be reversed, once the symbol reached our Base Chakra. Now, we need to take it back to the Crown Chakra, and place it back there.

  • Also if they ask for any information on what and why Reiki is required along with details of receiver, or just start sending it on your behalf. Also check if the Reiki healer is understanding or just impatient and trying to accept your healing request. Also check if they want any kind of update on regular intervals for the Reiki healing done or just accepted your request and forgot all.

  • The energies which might be thinking that Reiki hurts or harm, are needed to check their Reiki healing procedure and technique again with their teachers or fellow Reiki Masters, so as to correct it. We have also mentioned in our earlier articles that many Reiki practitioners forget or ignore some basic Reiki healing procedures, including Cleansing, disconnection from receiver, gratitude to their teachers and fellow energies (including receiver) and energy exchange. Any of the procedure if missed of ignored could be giving the effect, which is likely to be hurting the healer in some or other way.

  • We are sure that most of you all, including fellow Reiki energies are able to understand the reason for delay in healing when we do for our own self. Our own intentions, past or negative, bad thoughts are one of the major factors, which stop or make delay in our healings. In this case, we need to work more on our own self, clear our own blockages, so that while performing any healing, we are able to see just pure positive and just what we want Reiki energy to help us in for our future.

  • How to feel and enhance our Aura

    By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura | on March 28, 2013

    To enhance or increase our Aura shield, we need to think, act positive and live a positive life. Our Aura increases with any single positive action, thought and reduces with a negative. Therefore, if we are trying to even think positive, our shield of protection will enhance. The finances, relationship, Karmas, life, work and everything will improve with the improvement in our Aura, and we can keep a regular check up of our Aura on daily basis with this easy experiment.

  • Spraying rock salt solution on walls of our home also help in protecting it from negative radiations, and if we also clean our floor with it, it helps inside too. Reiki symbols like Cho Ku Rei, Rama, Kriya, Vasudha, Zonar also helps in burning of radiation energy if entered any energy. Self deep meditation also help in opening the blockages for oneself, but should be done in a direction and support of some other fellow energy.

  • We have been working on the red coral since past sometimes and concluded that of the gem stone is charged using Reiki symbols, viz Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Vasudha, Apta, Rama, it will be helpful in a much faster cleansing than used without. Before using any kind of gemstone like as in coral, keeping it overnight in rock salt solution will help more. It can be used as in any form, like ring or a pendant, but the stone should touch the skin for a better impact. The stones in the shape or circle is considered as for a faster impact, cylindrical or oval also helps, but they work slightly slow.

  • 1.I took my bath in the morning and only after that before breakfast I put some incences( I had sage incence) and I said 108 the specific mantra for thiskind of rudraka,I put some chokurei and seiheki on it and that was all.I went to work and I was very surprised that peoples with whom I had cold relationship came to me and wanted to collaborate.

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