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Gratitude'S ARCHIVE

  • My submission to Reiki

    By admin | In Gratitude, Gratitude | on November 14, 2016

    Fellow Energies, I am grateful to you all and especially Reiki healing energy to keep me working for the world and myself. I have already shared my story and the reason for entering into the world of cosmic healing science. I am sharing it again since most of the data files from the site have been […]

  • Behind our every success, there is a small reason, which is that we took some action and lived in to it. We ignored and boycott any short cut or fear. This gave rise to our success. Believe me, if we just follow the old way, using which we failed in past, we are going to fail again in our future. Therefore, we must change and start living differently.

  • She made a little protection for her and begins to look what is the problem of that man and his family. She gave him also some advices and tried to give some healing for his wife. She saw very well that they have black energy around them but she continued talking and trying to help the man.

  • How to choose a right Reiki practitioner

    By admin | In Gratitude | on September 17, 2013

    They said that those who are without any diploma or certificate are spoiling this noble healing’s name. We know that there are many, who call themselves as a Reiki practitioner, but who know nothing about Reiki. They are misusing this noble name for their monetary gains.

  • Gratitude to all the fellow energies

    By admin | In Gratitude | on September 6, 2013

    With everyday’s lessons, we try to refine ourselves and redefine our visualisation, and thus are making changes in what we teach and share with our fellow energies. We sometimes, even think of what and where we started, and today, everything looks like is changed. It is all due to you all, our so called students, our teachers and every energy as we are learning and moving ahead.

  • why do we differ from others in Reiki healing

    By admin | In Gratitude | on July 18, 2013

    However, if we see any small change in our receiver’s condition or surroundings like if it goes negative, we remove that change in that instant. However, if the changes starts working in an upward and positive direction, we share it with our fellow energies, and finally with you on this blog here. We also share the same during our Reiki workshops with our students and fellow energies.

  • Living with Reiki

    By admin | In Gratitude | on May 30, 2013

    We know that many of us feel tired or exhausted when we get continuous losses or failures in life. After several or multiple attempts, some of them feel like loosing the battle and start thinking of giving up. Well, this is wrong dear friends, this must be avoided and we all, as a positive, Reiki energy, should just keep on working, until we get our goal. We know that there are some constrains in continuing our journey for getting what we want, but if we keep on working towards it, we will get what we are having as a target. The only thing required is to have same target, and same positive hopes and energy in our heart. We should keep one thing in mind that this testing time is what we will remember all the time of our life, as we forget our victory very fast.

  • Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your kind and love filled emails, comments and are really overwhelmed to read them all. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers and fellow Reiki energies which are helping us to learn much more and new things in our journey. Today again, we are sharing another […]

  • I thank Reiki energy, my gurus, and my guide for helping me at every level. Today even if I have a slightest problem and unable to solve, then first of all I pray and visualize them, reiki energy and then I ask for help. I have witnessed the changes.

  • Those who can get camphor, can take a piece of camphor, others can use any incense stick or even a candle for this. We than pray and thank to our God, spiritual energy or any energy, whom we feel closed to. After this, we should thank all of our fellow energies, whom we know or met.

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