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  • How to live in now

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach, Science of Reiki | on June 5, 2014

    This was really a good question by her, so I thought and told her to enjoy and look for fun in whatever she do. Like as in for she is watching or listening anything she may dislike, she should try to listen or watch to what interests her more. This is also going to work for anyone of us, as we should divert our attention to what we love or should start loving the situation we are in. It will help in our faster transformations and to adapt things faster.

  • Living in NOW

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach, Science of Reiki | on May 19, 2014

    However, I will never ask you to do good for your future or stop saving for your future or bad times. I just want to say that in order to do all, we stop living in now. We should do all we do, but we should stop living a fearful life. The reason for writing this article today is that I just realised that due to the fear of losing, being rejected, I was unable to take any decision. I was just playing in the hands of destiny or fear, which MAY happen.

  • Let me share with you about my personal experience, when I had my break thru. It was 5th of March 2014, when we all friends were sitting and discussing about our break downs. After sometime, Ashmeen Munjal, started talking to me about my personal life, and where I lack in life, or where I feel like surrendering.

  • I had to work on my own with my fellow energies, who assisted me, helped me in identifying my barriers, my baggages. I am sure that now, with my experiences, my learnings, I will also be able to do the same.

  • Ayurveda is a great science of healing with the help of herbs and natural ingredients available around us. As per Ayurveda, we need to cure our stomach, as from their only, all disease or physical issues starts. However, as per Reiki, we work on Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra and Base Chakra more. There are certain contradictions if we see them from a distance, but the purpose of any kind of healing energy is just to burn the blockage fast.

  • We know that it might sound a bit bad and our words might may be taken as bad, but we have to do so. We have stopped performing any kind of Reiki healing, which is to be done, without any energy exchange.

  • My Dual personalities

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach, Science of Reiki | on November 3, 2013

    Since I learned talking, I have been talking and talking, making new friends and today, believe me, the list of my friends is endless. I too have some difficulties and challenges in my personal life too, which I have to deal with. I also have family issues and also have business issues at times, which I have to work on myself.

  • What do we Reiki healers do

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on October 24, 2013

    We also try to focus Sunlight from a glass on to a plain paper or carbon paper, and try to burn it. We all can even concentrate the same Sunlight to generate fire on paper or woods. In the same way, we invoke Reiki energy and then focus it on to our receiver with a positive but required affirmation along with a good visualisation. The combination of visualisation and affirmation goes into the receiver’s Chakra, and help us in burning any kind of blockage or negativity present in there.

  • I am being selfish

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on August 28, 2013

    There, he should be writing articles on Reiki healing done by him or other and different Reiki related articles, as we do here. He wanted to start working with us on this blog, which we denied, being selfish as we want him to be self independent. We know that it may take some long time, but once he is able to be self independent, he will be able to grow more. We will however be always giving him support in his healing, articles and promotions, but would like him to be firm in what he choses.

  • Following my Heart

    By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on August 22, 2013

    He told us that our method was a slightly different than others and it look like we research more on Reiki. Well friends, my only purpose of sharing this article is that whatever we do or are doing today, or will do in future, is all posible with your love only. What we did in past or do today, is all because of the feedbacks, All of this has became possible, just because of your faith and confidence on Reiki Healing energy.

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