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Our Chakras'S ARCHIVE

  • Now, we will be discussing here the importance of using Reiki symbols in Reiki healing, since many of our fellow Reiki healers are able to perform a good Reiki healing, using the simple visualization of white or golden light only. Well, here I must try to gain your attention to a few points here, which we seem to be ignoring or have forgotten due to a lack of practice or else. As we all know that Reiki symbols are symbolic of different form of energies, they are associated with. If we look at any red cross symbol on any car or any place, we immediately look at it as there should be some medical practitioner or it has some association with medicine.

  • Reiki healing for Retina detachment

    By admin | In Our Chakras | on April 29, 2012

    We all Reiki Masters and Reiki Healers should value and emphasis on disconnection after the Reiki energy establishment at Heart Chakra. Finally is the time for paying and giving our gratitude to our fellow Reiki energies and Reiki teachers. Gratitude towards our receivers is also to be given and energy exchange for every Reiki Healing done should be done for sure. It always depends upon the mutual consent of a Reiki healer and receiver, that what should be done for the energy exchange.

  • Importance of any relationship

    By admin | In Our Chakras | on August 6, 2011

    Some Indian Reiki Masters, who have too much of faith in mythology, visualize this symbol as a family of Gauri (Goddess Parvati), Shanker (Lord Shiva) and Ganesha (Lord Ganesha). We know this Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati love each other a lot, and Lord Ganesha is their beloved child, in to to, we can see the same happening to us, if we draw them on ourselves. Therefore, we use ‘Apta’ Reiki symbol in personal relationship Reiki Healing.

  • If some of you have connected with anyone and have forgot to disconnect, and are having a troubled life, we would suggest you to meditate and ask apology to all you know. You can also ask your apology to Reiki energy, God and all the other unknown energies. After your apology, try to disconnect and pay your gratitude towards all other energies and your Reiki teachers as well.

  • We are now sharing this article with you so that if any of you is having any issue with any of your fellow energy, it is better to speak up, rather than keeping mum. Speaking up at times helps in burning up and dissolving all the negativity and blockage in our self.

  • I would just like to tell you one thing that constipation and lose motions are just a signal, what our body is trying to tell. It is like an alarm for us to be aware in future and avoid too much of junk food in future. Sometimes, our body repels so badly, that people tend to throw up even on eating anything that is bad for their body. This may be termed as food infection by some doctors at times. We should also remember that at times, doctors ask any pregnant female to avoid certain kind of meal, as it will be hurting the baby as the body will be consuming more energy on meal, than supplying the energy to the baby.

  • Everyone agreed and we were ready to start our attunement. After this small initiation, we all really felt fresh and energized and like a all total new Reiki energy was filling in us. We than pay our gratitude to all of our teachers and other energies around us, weather absent or present. It was a moment which made me think of the day we took our Degree from our Reiki Teacher.

  • What happens during Brow Chakra activation

    By admin | In Our Chakras | on March 25, 2011

    Fellow Energies it is our pleasure to have you all with us and in our way to a world full of love and light. It is our honor to have you all in our journey of Reiki abundance in life and helping us spread it in this universe. We are trying our best to help as much as we can and to spread love and light in our possible way.

  • How to unblock and activate Brow Chakra

    By admin | In Our Chakras | on March 6, 2011

    However, this meditation should be done for about 20-30 minutes a day and it can be done in about a week or so. Still after the activation, one must keep doing it about once a week, so as to increase the energy and intensity of their Brow Chakra. This will help the activating other Chakras faster and they will be able to perform better and faster Reiki Healings.

  • why do we need a re attunement

    By admin | In Our Chakras | on February 28, 2011

    It was however a relief for us to know and understand his issues. Similarly there are many, who need a re attunement for some reasons. The reason could be anything, but for a Reiki Master, it is important to do it properly and happily since the energy transfer, if done smiling and happily, is done better. We would just advise all the receivers to be optimistic and positive towards their Reiki teachers and other energies too. They should avoid being negative or feel low since if Reiki energy has once flowed through them, it ensures them that they are chosen.

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