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Meditation in Reiki'S ARCHIVE

  • How to do good meditation

    By admin | In Meditation in Reiki | on December 29, 2011

    Following our visualization, we can also go into the Universe or other countries, see unseen places or events. Trust me, all what we see during this meditation sometimes do come true and into reality. It all depends upon our focus and concentration, which will grow with time and practice.

  • We are sure that if we visualize better, we will be able to do better meditation, self realization and perform better healings. We just wish you all our best of wishes and hope that all good comes your way.

  • We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters started thinking and working on it and have a good finding last week. With their help, we were able to find some images, downloaded from net and are sharing with you all here. We should try to keep in mind that if we are having a slow music played in background or some meditation music, we will be able to work better.

  • It should take sometime for us to reach our feet and we must be able to see our every organ, bone in white light and from inside our body. If certain body part is not visible to us, it just means that there is slightly blockage in that particular part, and we need to purify and heal it with the help of our power symbols.

  • Silence a new definition to meditation

    By admin | In Meditation in Reiki | on February 17, 2011

    After thinking a lot on this, we concluded to something new and a bit different from the routine meditations and else. Since we had been doing Past Life Regressions and Future Life Progression and some other specific meditations, which helped our fellow energies to burn off their blockages and do better healings. Now, we came up to this new but a very old concept of being silent with an oath. It just simply means to remain silent for any specific time of 30 minutes and we need to promise in that 30 minute time to remain silent. We need to avoid signaling with eyes, hands or else, and should even avoid writing anything. Our silence has to be really a silent, and we should avoid interacting with others in anyway for that particular period.

  • Most of the blockages are removed in one session of deep meditation or Hypnosis therapy, but at times, some need more than one. It depends upon the blockage one has, so sometimes it can take upto 11 times to clear off all the negativity and blockages. One of the best deep meditation I had been through are Deep Chakra meditation, Past Life regression and Future Life progressions (FLP was designed and developed by me, my Reiki teacher and some of my friends at REH here). I am grateful for all I have taught and how to learn a bit more. I am sure that this deep meditation helps us in learning and knowing more about ourself, our blockages or in treatments of others.

  • After sometime, we wont remember what we were doing and where we were. We only get awake when we are woken up by any alarm or someone else. If you try to check, your breath must have reduced to just nostrils that time, which means that during meditation, either we do not breath or even if we do, it is very less. So, in one way, we can also say that meditation helps us reducing breathing process, and increase our life span. The stage of meditation in this stage is also called our Alpha stage.

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