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Gratitude'S ARCHIVE

  • My submission to Reiki

    By admin | In Gratitude, Gratitude | on November 14, 2016

    Fellow Energies, I am grateful to you all and especially Reiki healing energy to keep me working for the world and myself. I have already shared my story and the reason for entering into the world of cosmic healing science. I am sharing it again since most of the data files from the site have been […]

  • Reiki healing for lump on neck

    By admin | In Gratitude, Success Stories | on July 22, 2014

    When she asked me for the healing, I immediately felt that what a fool I was, as I had never even asked to show it, even when we had done video chat on several occasions. She told me that she was in office, so she will do it later. I just now started working on how I will be working on her lump, and I would request your information / views on it too.

  • Gratitude to Reiki healing energy

    By admin | In Gratitude, Science of Reiki | on February 20, 2014

    It helped her in reaching some of the hidden secrets of her life, and also helped in how she can overcome challenges in her life. She also was able to see all that was stopping her growth, and made sure that I will be available for a different session ‘Future Life progression’ on 25th of February. She has just left for seeing places around Delhi, like Agra, Jaipur etc., as she loved Indian culture and else. I am sure that we will soon be meeting for much more and will be able to do a lot more than expected.

  • If I look back, it look like a magical kingdom life for me, as I have never thought of learning Reiki or than taking my Mastership workshop. It sometimes look amazing when I see myself sharing or teaching like my teachers have taught me and many others. Today, on this day of Guru Purnima, I feel so much grateful to all of my teachers, who helped me reach this stage of life. It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all and I would like to thank every energy that has touched me directly or indirectly in this life.

  • New Year Greetings

    By admin | In Gratitude, News | on December 30, 2012

    It helped us to recognize and understand all of our world religions and why do we have to be grateful to everything and everyone. As we know this is that time of the year, when we think of what we have done in the past whole year and we sort of make a balance sheet of the year which is just passing. We also think to what we would like to have in the next year and we make our wishes for self and ours.

  • Reiki Miracles coming true

    By admin | In Gratitude | on December 7, 2012

    Today evening, we got an email from our Ontario, Canada based female Reiki healer friend Ana, who was mailing us after a long time. She mailed us with her gratitude towards our Reiki teachers, Reiki energy and our fellow energies as in helping her understand more of Reiki in an easier manner. She have learned basic level 1 and 2 from a Reiki teacher in Canada only, about 5 years back, but she asked us to attune and teach her again, since she had forgotten a bit. After the attunement and teaching, we gave her a few of experiments to conduct and check if she can perform and see the flow of Reiki energy through her.

  • A real teacher is one, who tries to find all the answers, what is asked to him, and even if the other asks about something which is to be searched and replied, the teacher must do so. However, there are some energies, who want just to irritate and ask some absurd or weird questions, they too should be given some positive reply and they should focus on the reason which made their student to leave the topic like that. It is our very duty to make our students understand everything we are teaching and their every query must be solved. We must understand that a good student of today is the one who can help in building a better nation tomorrow. If they are unable to understand life or the true meaning of teacher today, how can they teach or reply others, therefore it is our moral duty to be honest and sincere with our students.

  • New Year 2012 greetings and blessings to all

    By admin | In Gratitude | on December 30, 2011

    Every Reiki Healer, Reiki Master has to be a good Reiki receiver too, in order to reflect better Reiki Energy on to either energy or thyself. We do hope that this small article is enough to give its small but important message to you all in here, and especially to whom it matters.

  • I used Reiki Healing to keep me stable there, since I knew that it will be a very much tiring and difficult trip for me and I have to meet new business people over there and have to come back in evening. Also the same is for Al Ain, which is also having similar distance from Bur Dubai.

  • Happy second Birthday to Reiki Energy Healers

    By admin | In Gratitude | on August 17, 2011

    After this BIG incident of my life, I changed my look out for life and even my attitude changed. After that, I asked my friend Jitender Kumar (who is also my fellow Reiki Grand Master) and Navneet Mathur (our best of friend, designer and student Reiki Grand Master) to create a small web presence, where we could share all. It is really with their help, support and guidance, that we are now able to share and interact with other energies out here.

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