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Can Reiki defy Astrology

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on June 9, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love filled emails, messages and comments on facebook which help us to look up and search for something new. We are trying to read your all the emails and reply when possible, and from some of these emails, we try to reply whenever we find time and relevant answer and solution to it. Some of these emails or queries if we find interesting or useful for our other fellow energies, we share them here. However, we maintain secrecy and hide personal details of the person who asked question, until given permission to reveal.

Yesterday afternoon, we got an interesting mail from a fellow Reiki practitioner from an unknown place, who asked us if Reiki healing can be used to revert the Astrology predictions. She meant to ask us that if some Astrologer have predicted a bad time phase for someone, can Reiki Healing energy be used to divert or protection during that negative phase of time. She also meant that can Reiki energy be used to make life happier and filled with love and good finances for any energy. After reading this email, I replied that Reiki energy can be used for tackling any of such issues, and even if any Astrologer or reader have predicted for a bad phase, Reiki protection and affirmation can be used for making life free from any kind of blockage and getting a good love filled happy life, full of financial freedom as well.

After reading this email, there were many things that strike my mind, and a few I am writing and sharing with you. We all know that there are seven main glands and Chakras in our human body, and each one has a distinct color. Similarly, as per Indian Astrology, there are nine planets, and nine gem stones, each one distinguished for one separate planet. These all nine different gem stones are also of total seven colors only, and have similar Chakra color. I had tried earlier to read and understand the color therapy too, while I was assisting a widow lady in her Acupressure clinic. As per Astrology, we are advised to wear a particular gem stone as per our birth chart, and we are told that wearing other may be harmful for us. However, as per what we are told in Reiki, we can wear or put on the similar color of the Chakra we want to activate or work more. We can also tell that which particular Chakra of any person is shining or blocked, just by the dress of anyone. Where ever there is black color on the dress, we can see that there is some blockage and some kind of slight or major problem. Therefore, we Reiki practitioners, always advice and ask people to avoid any kind of block object around them, since we all know that black blocks. Any person with shades of Red is a person with soft heart. who has feelings for relationship and have a open heart friendly, caring and loving. The person with bluish clothes is a good, talkative person, who love to meet and talk to new people, always look forward for something new in life. The person with yellow shades is a person who love to speak and has a passion of good food, clothing. Similarly, there are many other features of any person, we can know and understand various other characteristics and features of any unknown person, just by the dress the person is wearing.

Sorry for diverting your mind from Astrology to color reading, but I am sure that you can understand that this too has some or other importance in this article. After using some good and better Reiki affirmations, we can definitely give colored stones or beads to our receivers to change their life styles. This can also be used for our personal use and I have personally seen that these things may look small or easy to use, but they sure are effective. I myself am using the bracelets of Turquoise stone and I can feel change in my finances, personal relationships and Reiki healing done by us have improved a lot. We have charged these bracelets using Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, and several others too. After using this and doing Reiki healing to many of our receivers during their bad times, we saw great results in their life and are sure that Reiki healing and Reiki protection can definitely help anyone with a bad time phase as per Astrology. 

There are many such examples and our and other personal experiences which will help all to understand that Reiki can definitely help overcoming obstacles of life. Using Reiki energy for our life or for others, we all can surely defy and supersede any kind of blockage or obstacle in life. I am thankful to the female, who wrote and asked this doubt of hers to clear and also to you all who are helping us in our ongoing journey, full of love and light.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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