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Burning a bad past using Reiki healing

By admin | In What do we do | on December 29, 2012

Fellow Reiki energies, we are thankful to you all for your regular emails and kind support to us and our Reiki Healing center, our articles and all what we do here. We are grateful to your suggestions and are trying to implement your great thoughts so as to a better future ahead. It is due to you all only who are helping us in a better understanding of blockages in self and  around us and we are able to burn most of them.

Today, while talking to our fellow energy from Toronto, Canada, we were able to understand that there are some past events in our life, which we want to forget and move on. There could be some bad or negative experiences or could be cheated by someone we trusted or else which we want to remove from our memory. After a long discussion, we came to a point that we should also burn that past negativity from our past, as it may block our future life. Most of us keep on think about our that bad or sad past, making our life filled with stress and negativity. This negativity thus result in much more of new blockages, resulting in fresh new blockages, which give birth to new hurdles in our life. Now, in order to clear these past blockages from our Heart and mind, we need to work on them, when and as we get time.

We need to sit in a silent room, with a nice fragrance and slow music to be played in the background. Now, we need to close our eyes, and lie down or sit in a comfortable position, in which we can meditate better and for a longer period. We should charge ourselves using Reiki symbols, which we are with. After self charging, we need to cleanse and charge the surroundings with Reiki energy, and make a protection around us, so that the process is done without any disturbance.

In the deep meditation, we need to clearly visualize about the past bad, which has happened and make power Reiki symbols, such as Cho Ku Rei, Raku, Dai Koo Myo and Aum. After drawing these Reiki symbols, we need to see these negative energies and blockages as burned, so that they may never return to your life. This process may also be done by burning a candle in front of us, and we should try to see them burn in our visualizations. We can repeat this all procedure for a few times, until the past blockages are completely burned and stop coming in your thoughts and dreams. This may happen in one to eleven deep meditations, but may take time if the blockage is too much.

We are sure that this small procedure will help you in burning your blockages with ease and make your life smooth with desired success. We are thankful to our fellow energy, who want to keep her name a secret as always, but we would like you all to send your Reiki blessings to her. We are grateful to you all for accepting our requests and articles shared by us.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain



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