Body talk healing by Reiki Energy Healers

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your kind queries, suggestions and everything that you share with us and other members of our Reiki Energy Healers. I am really pleased to have you all around me, as an inspiration, as a guide, as a fellow energy with me, always in my journey towards a positive future, full of love and light. I am asked many times, that how am I able to learn or am different from my teachers, or from some others. Well, my answer is very simple and authentic, as to I am open to every learning, keep my eyes, ears open to them and have a great friend in my hands, tongue who love to share anything and everything I learn.

Today, when I was talking to my spiritual mother from Canada, she told me something about body talking. She told me that she is going to consult and pay for body talks, as she was having some lump on her neck, and for what I was doing Reiki healing too. After hearing about it, I got confused, as I was hearing about it for the very first time, however, the name sound like it should be really very interesting. I took her permission, and started searching on net. 

After sometime. I read a bit, saw a few videos and was somewhat having my own version of this body talk. I am sorry as I know nothing about what they do in that healing, but I am here, to present my very own version of body talk healing. I feel like, if any of our body organ gets numb or blocked, we should pamper with our hands, lovingly and carefully. We should awaken it and cleanse it, by speaking to it in a loving and sensible way. Since our whole body is filled with electrons, protons and neutrons, which can hear and see too. We should thus talk to our that body, and ask them to cleanse or work as we want.

Since last 2-3 days, I am having fever and feeling slight weak at times. However, I was active, using rock salt, Reiki charged  in water for drinking and Reiki healing to self. Today, after my research work, I started working on myself, talking to my own body. I said, my loving body, I am thankful to you, and I am really glad to have you with me in this life. I know that due to certain bindings, I ignored you and I made you restless. Due to which, you are having this trouble. I promise to you, that I will give you a one full day break, and will pamper you with a massage, once all is done, as is expected by me. Till that time, I want you to be active again, and help me in my personal and professional life.

I will pamper you with good and healthy meal, like as in fresh fruits, dry fruits and some skin oils after my shower. I will nourish you with my fullest of love, and I apologise for what wrong I did to you. 

Trust me, with in an hour, I was fully energised again, and my body responded to what I talked with it. I am sure, that if we too communicate with our own body or our receiver’s body, they will respond the same way. I will now be trying the same for my professional life with finances too and once I see something great to share with you, I will be here with it for you.

Thanks mom, Thanks to you for letting me learn and experience this sooo new technique.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain