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  • Than when we are ready for healing, we should try to be calm and away from others, so that there is no disturbance in our healing process. Now, for healing, the healer again connects the receiver with his Reiki symbols and visualize close to him. First the receiver (energy) need to be purified and cleanse off all the blockages and negativity. Than this energy need to be balanced and charged with the master’s healing energy, so that all the negativity is removed permanently.

  • After sometime, we wont remember what we were doing and where we were. We only get awake when we are woken up by any alarm or someone else. If you try to check, your breath must have reduced to just nostrils that time, which means that during meditation, either we do not breath or even if we do, it is very less. So, in one way, we can also say that meditation helps us reducing breathing process, and increase our life span. The stage of meditation in this stage is also called our Alpha stage.

  • What are Reiki initiations or attunments and what are their benefits While we are learning Reiki, we have to undergo different initiations and affirmations, also known as attunments, which help us receiving better Reiki and also help spreading better Reiki is heard. But we at times, keep on thinking that what is attunment and what […]

  • Acupressure healing and Reiki healing united to give life in air It was me, flying to Mumbai, when I heard a small announcement from Air hostess. It was 2nf of October, 2010, about 7:30PM, when we were asked if someone from us was a practitioner doctor and can help them. When the announcement was made […]

  • What is I doing here

    By admin | In Food for Reiki | on October 6, 2010

    Fellow friends We have been seeing that Reiki healers keep on talking on the Reiki healing they did or what are they best at. Hey.. even I myself am making such mistakes at times. Do you know what is the problem there..?? Well well, it is a simple thing that we all healers are committing […]

  • Namaste. I am here to discuss some of the issues arise when we Light workers try to spread love and light into any other energy and get a setback. I think it is good to talk and have a small discussion here over this major issue. Why even any Grand Master get success in his […]

  • Namaste Friends Here I am once again with you to share another healing done by me last week. It was one of a very different kind of healing for me or any other healer, but I knew I had to do it sometime of my life. There is a lady in my neighborhood, called Rekha […]

  • Our Seven Chakras with colour location and importance We all have have seven chakras in our body, governing us and helping us to live, work and do all. Our life energy which is white in colour directs and govern all the seven chakras of our body. We must understand it in a easy manner as […]

  • Now here, we must avoid using ‘No and Not’ from our life. Think and talk positive, and see them coming in our life. Friends, have you ever thought, that why are we feeling down, sad, dis heartened, suffering from bad health, lack of finances, bad grades in exams or interview, or any other disappointments? As […]

  • What is energy exchange in Reiki and why

    By admin | In What is Reiki | on October 1, 2010

    What is energy exchange in Reiki and why Fellow friends, Namaste. I have been asked certain questions, for which I am trying to find some answers. I do hope you like them, and if not, kindly send your valuable suggestions to me, so that I can help others as well. You must understand that I […]

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