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Black Magic removal – Psychic attack removal done by me

By admin | In Success Stories | on October 4, 2010

Namaste Friends

Here I am once again with you to share another healing done by me last week. It was one of a very different kind of healing for me or any other healer, but I knew I had to do it sometime of my life. There is a lady in my neighborhood, called Rekha (name changed to keep privacy). Her husband had lost a job about four months back. He was under depression and was under alcoholism since that. He was talking all bad during sleep and was like killing all in family. He slowly started shouting in day times too like someone is grabbing him and taking him out of home to some place. He was uneasy in home, but once he was out of home and away from family, he was calm. He had high fevers at day, but at night, after taking his bottle, he was better, but much more furious and violent.

Rekha, with her son Arun (name changed) came to me after getting some reference from some of her relative and was sad and literally crying. I know that she was not having a sound financial condition and she might not be able to pay my fees, so I asked her to be calm first of all. I listened her all story and took a small token money. Than I asked her to bring a glass of water from her home, covered with some plate etc. She brought it to me. I felt the vibrations from her, her son and the glass of water, which were negative for sure. Many people she visited had told her that it is black magic, and her man wont survive for long now, so she was obviously hopeless. I as always keep telling and comforting, talked to her. I asked her not to worry. She took sometime, but when I talked about all in detail, she was comfortable.

I charged her water with all the Reiki symbols and asked her to make her guy drink all of it. The water should not be wasted, or even she can drink the left over or can force her man to consume to the full. I than asked her to prepare a solution with some good energy materials and to spray on all walls, furniture and family members, daily. I also asked her to keep sending me details of the progress on her husband daily to me, so that I can see what more to be done. I took his photograph (head to toe) and scanned it for my later healings.

Next day, I was told that he slept comfortable and did not had any alcohol. He was calm at night and a lot better and soft with words to wife and kids. I was smiling now as Reiki has started its magic. Than from that day, I did his psychic attack removal, and psychic surgery, which we teach in Reiki 3A level, and protected him from other negativity.

I had repeated it three times till now, and am having all the positive news from him till now. I am in Mumbai right now, and will be back to Delhi in next 3 days, so hope all will be a lot better by than. I have asked Rekha that I wil be healing for 21 days, and she will be paying me later only.

I really am thankful to God and Reiki teachers and Reiki Energy to make me soo powerful to help me people in a noble way. Thank you all dear friends, I love you all.

Love and Light.

Vineet Jain

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