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Black magic and psychic attack removal

By admin | In Success Stories | on July 18, 2011

Black magic and psychic attack removal

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all here for sending us your blessings and love. We have been getting your love and light filled emails, which are helping us and many other energies, someway or other. It is really good to see that so many of you are now linked with each other and are connected to Reiki, the supreme white energy and are spreading all over. We are happy to see that you are loving and using Reiki in whatever form you are able to and helping other fellow energies.

Today morning, we got an email from our facebook friend Maria, who is a Reiki Master from Birmingham, U.K. and is practicing since 2007. She mentioned her recent Reiki Healing done on a black magic, what we call as Psychic attack removal in terms of Reiki. She was grateful for this website’s article, which helped her diagnosing and healing her friend from financial and personal blockage. She told us that she used Rock salt solution for cleansing the blockage in and around her friend and also for energizing with the positivity needed. She used camphor lamp for protecting her and energies around her from negativity and keep sprinkle rock salt solution all over her place. She mentioned that now a days, she is very much regular in asking all of her fellow energies to keep the rock salt and lemon glass container at their home, as told in article here.

She told us that she liked our article and she will be calling us next week, for if she could come over here to learn something more. We told her that she and all others, who want to learn are more than welcome here at our Reiki Healing center, but we are also trying to share all into here. However, since due to Reiki learning pledges, we are forced to keep something secret and are unable to share it here, she may come and learn. We are sure that with all the enthusiasm and energy she is doing and working, she will be able to do a lot better than now.

She has been a regular reader to the articles here on this website and is using them in her personal Reiki Healings. We know that it is what we always want so as to share what we know or what we can. This is really our pleasure to get such love filled emails from you all here and we know that you will be sharing them with other energies too. If either of you know Ms Maria personally, please give our wishes to her and just say Namaste.

Thanks to you all and thanks dear Maria for your love filled email.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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