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bad past or received a great opportunity it all depends on our mindset

By admin | In Blisfully Life Coach | on January 1, 2013

Dear loving fellow energies, I would like to give you my best of wishes and greetings for the new year 2013 to you all and yours. I, Vineet Jain, one of the Reiki practitioners at Reiki Energy healers am grateful to have you all here and can feel your immense love for us all here. We all will be doing a massive Reiki healing tonight for you all and would like you all to receive it too.

Today morning, I was discussing with a friend, who was telling about his business and personal life since past few years. He was grateful for what he got today and about what was going through in life with a good and positive intention. However, he sound a bit negative when the discussion reached to his past, when his first wife left him over financial issues and he had to do another business, which was of quite low profile as per him. I asked him that since he got a new, loving wife with two sharp minded kids, he should be just grateful to his ex wife too. It was due to her that he was able to get a better caring and loving wife, who gave him too intelligent children and his future generations. Also that his business had also improved from nothing to something in last few years, so this was also indeed a good choice too. I asked him to stop thinking about bad past or negative time, but try to be thankful to even the worst of times. It is our that time, which give us a new learning and capability to show our best to the whole world. We all always try to give our best of efforts when we are about to lost our hopes, so I wanted him to realize and understand that we are always in a win win situation.

Every bad or negative time teaches us to think of some new and innovative idea with creative ways to overcome and grow further. It is up to us to choose what we want to do and how we think, but as per what I learned, we should only be grateful to everything. Every time when we think about our past, the day when we were thinking about learning Reiki, or when we were sad about low business or bad competition, things come in to our mind. Every moment we live in or enjoy have some past, attached to it, as without it, its impossible to have what is today. We all have to learn and understand the importance of now and our past, rather than thinking bad and blocking our future. Instead of cursing the bad time, we should be give our gratitude to it and move on to the future.

Life gives us many new ways to think and understand about our own life and improve, and it is on us only if we make it or ruin it. As per the rules of life, we should all enjoy and celebrate every second of life, still every single second counts. We can never be sure of life, and hence must be grateful to every count of it, and every new year is just a change of calendar. It just add on a number every year, so instead of celebrating just this new number, we should try to enjoy and celebrate every moment of life as a festival. We should be happy, cheerful, smiling, sharing, giving, loving and thankful to all what we are today and for all that made us reach here.

Let us live in NOW, forget and burn the past and move on for a peaceful, happier and love filled today and create our choice of tomorrow. With the help of Reiki, we can burn negativity and blockages, but it is up to us as whatever we do, should be done with proper care and intention. We can make our life or can ruin it, the choice is all ours, so we should choose it with a positive heart and we should be true to self. If we lie or hide our emotions, we will only be creating a fake and a dream world, where it is impossible to live. So come, let us all make our small world, fill it will colors, love and positive light, so that all the darkness and negativity burns away.

Let us celebrate this feeling of enjoying NOW and live in NOW, always.

We are thankful to you all for helping us in what we are now and for making us understand, evaluate and create our today.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

(I am sorry as due to bandwidth issues, I was about to publish this article yesterday only, but am doing it now, as per upper hand’s wish)


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