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avoiding sadness and depression in personal relationship

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on June 25, 2011

avoiding sadness and depression in personal relationship

Fellow energies, it is really good to see the positive response of you all here, and this love has been helping us in our improved articles and Reiki Healing. As we have been reading your emails and messages, we are here going to discuss about a few small things, which we neglect or ignore in our personal relationships. Most of people as we saw and had been talking, seem to get sad and depressed, when they are unable to meet or talk to their loved one. Some are even too negative to see the desired result, talk or meeting with the one they love. We all must understand that Reiki Healing is a healing process like others, and may take time for healing. It is unlike a bullet, which you fire, hit a target and job accomplished. However, for any Reiki healing to be done with success, we all need to be patient, positive and cheerful to let it work.

We are here able to see that there are many energies, who are being a good receiver and accept the Reiki energy with their full of intentions. However, any delay or slight variation in outcome make them irritated or negative. Some start being childish and start nagging and start being negative and rude towards their family, friends and at times even their Reiki Healers or Reiki energy. I would just ask them to stay positive and have faith and trust on Reiki Energy. There could be a delay or slight change as the result could be different than what they had expected, but it will be working. The Reiki Healing if has been done by any Reiki healer, will always show the positive outcome.

We had been working on several Reiki Healings, where the result is in an instant, and at times, they may take some time. The delay could be for some of the following reasons, as we concluded now:

Missing of energy exchange

Missing of full faith and trust of any receiver on the Reiki Healer

Being negative for the time taking in Reiki healing result

Being negative, sad or depressed for the Healing, being under process

Asking to perform energy exchange only after the Reiki Healing is done or gets success (this is to be seen as a pure symbol of negativity and blockage).

Keep delaying the payments or whatever mode of energy exchange was committed.

Unable to keep promises and keeping Reiki Healer’s advices on bay.


I am sure that if all the receivers are able to be like a good receiver and are positive, the Reiki healing would be faster and much efficient. Fellow energies, try to be optimistic towards Reiki energy, since it is just a positive energy. It can only do good and can only help in a positive breakthrough.

Thanks for being with us and supporting us with your kind blessings and donations. We will soon be removing this donation button from our website, so you can directly send us money from now on.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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