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Aura improvement with the energy of thoughts

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on October 30, 2010

Aura improvement with the energy of thoughts

Friends, we have been talking about Reiki Energy and Reiki healing all the time, but here I am going to explain and share something different here with you all. Most of Reiki Masters or people selling Reiki equipments, have a L shaped copper rods or something different L shaped or T shaped, for checking Aura of any energy. It helps to understand the other energy is positive for you or is having negative effect. It works just similar like Dowser and helps to understand if the future partnerships will be good between two energies or not, or is particular thing is good for any other energy(I mean any other person).

When we try to check Aura of any other energy (person), the sensitive Dowsers sense the vibrations  and expands or rotates. The rotation in clockwise direction is considered positive and anti clockwise rotation is negative. So, if anyone is asking about the future of any relation or business prospects. One can check anything from personal, property, health matter to anything. I myself have checked a lot of things for my clients, family and friends. In our Reiki workshop for level 3rd – A, we do teach Dowsing and some other things to help and understand various techniques of dowsing. The collection of these things are taught by us in this level are also called kineseology.

Do you people know why sometimes get wrong results in dowsing and Kineseology techniques? This is just because of some basic faults of our inner self. While using a dowser, if either of the person asking dowser any question or the person telling with the help of dowser is having any doubts or negative thoughts during the process, the results are sure to have uncertain results. At the time of using dowser, one has to be calm, positive and should try to avoid any kind of negative thoughts. When we use any Dowser in our hand, just for checking, we can see that it moves anti clockwise with our negative thoughts and clockwise with positive thoughts.

To understand it better, i am asking you to have a stable mind setup, when asking anything with the help of Dowser. After getting confirmations, we must be grateful for the person doing or helping us with the answers. We must be thankful to the Dowser as well. Gratitude to Reiki Energy and the Reiki Energy Healers and Reiki Teachers is a must or should we say a part of our regular prayers.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping me spread love and light in the world.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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